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Looks good from behind! A continuing series!


There's a lot of this in my city, and by "this" I mean: jeans in colors, worn tight, with white tee shirts.
 Flattering on some, not all.


A great white skirt. Flow-y and cool looking without inching into Stevie Nicks territory, worn WITH underpants. Bravo, white skirt wearer, bravo.


Good shoes.


An excellent outfit from head to toe, including my favorite watch in the world.


A second look at the shoes - fabulous.


Two great summer outfits, photographed for the one on the right: a white romper and long cardi.
I can't believe how great it looked. It must have had something to do with the wearer who was about 5'10" and gorgeous.

And, what did I wear?


A black eyelet smock from AllSaints, little tan boots and leggings. And a scarf, of course.


Anonymous said…
I love this series. You look great. It's not too hot for boots? Nice!

Love those leopard shoes.
Scot said…
This always cracks me up.
Do you explain to these ladies that you have a great blog and will feature them in a "Looks good from behind!" series or do you just let them think you're some kind of perv?
The Coffee Lady said…
You're just the nicest kind of stalker.
RW said…
stevie nicks territory... ha ha ha

with underpants...


I am looking forward to picking out a few new outfits for the fall season. soon those gigantic magazine tomes will be on the stands.

this new verification system kills me. I never get the first one on the first try.
Suse said…
Eyelet smock looks great! I wore my AllSaints cardi on the plane home and thought of you in the smock the while time. How was the BBQ? And it must be your birthday!!?