about the reading list

As you can see, there are plenty of old friends and favorites on my list.
There are other blogs, not listed here, that I check in on from time to time - but, although it looks like I read hundreds of blogs, there are also some listed here that I look at in a reader because they'd be too complicated to look at at the site (mostly tumblrs).

I love looking at design blogs but I usually save that for the weekends.

House of Desire is TOTALLY NOT SAFE FOR WORK. You are warned. Sexysex and sometimes worse.

I gave up Go Fug Yourself for Suri's Burn Book which is the funniest thing I've read in years.

Girls of a Certain Age is brand new(ish).

I'd love to list Whoopee but she doesn't seem to blog anymore.

I wish How To Run Your Life posted more frequently

I am exhausted from the linking, please click on sites from the new sidebar.


Miz S said…
You were very kind to list me when I am so lackadaisical about posting. I must check out some of these other blogs because your taste is impeccable:)
Rae said…
Making the new list is like an ice cream sundae on a Monday morning! Xo
thank you for the link love! :)
Anonymous said…
Habit. You totally hooked me on that a year ago. You always find the best sites.