a catch-up from Tuvalu

Still busy over here, but with fewer Australians.
We had a wonderfully fun dinner with Eleanor and her husband at a nearby paella bar. This was our second dinner together as couples and we laughed an awful lot. Eleanor's husband has a quiet and dry sense of humor, which I love, and Eleanor is just the best kind of audience as she is easy to delight. It was a perfect evening.

Last night two office friends (I should drop the "office") took me for drinks and snacks and we spent a couple of hours laughing and chatting in a Japanese speakeasy. As you may well imagine, there is a vast and varied list of places to drink in my city - a Japanese speakeasy is just one of many hidden bars. I had a gin cocktail with Earl Grey - lovely.

Youngest continues to prepare for his jaunt to Japan. He has assembled his Omiyage, we've put together some outfits, updated his technology and are counting the days.

The heat has broken and I could not be happier. It was hard to breathe for the heat. Of course, with cooler weather and a few Fall Inspiration emails from JCrew, I am dreaming of 50 degree days.
Summer is not for me. Never has been. Although I do need a few more hot days as I've just gotten an amazing deal on some beautiful sandals.


Yes, I remember that I do not approve of sandals in the city.
I have nothing to say in my defense. (My only pair of sandals fell apart and sometimes they are the only thing that will do.)
Just beyond the sandals in that photo is a gorgeous bag from Eleanor via Nancybird. It suits me perfectly. And speaking of Gifts From Australians I Love, there is a homemade circle of the most wonderfully creamy and moisturizing soap from Suse in my shower - honestly, I am a soap whore and I have never used anything like it in my life. (Does she sell it? You seriously need to purchase some if she does) To my right is the dearest little blue jug, holding my rings, also from Suse. I have many, many uses planned for that jug.

We had the most terrific storm ever the other day. Hard wind, torrential rain and hail pelted the windows and skylights in our office. It was tremendous and lasted quite a while. I loved every second and managed to leave the office during an lull and was amazed to find the trains still running. There were photos of the storm all over the internet, but these two are my favorites.

This one is from a plane over the city - Untitled

 this one really captures the sky that afternoon.


I am "working from home" today. If you need anything just shoot me an email.


KPB said…
Eleanor and Mr Eleanor are delightful and adorable. She was so excited about the bag - I am thrilled (for her and you) that you like it.

I got a job.

Let's just leave that hanging there.

Because clearly it's all about me.

Even in your comment box.
Anonymous said…
Would you share the details on the sandals? They look like exactly what I've spent the summer searching for and I would be oh so appreciative! And a belated happy birthday to you in a not-a-big-deal kind of way!
blackbird said…
The sandals are Calvin Klein Collection Lina.
(I paid $70 for them through MyHabit.com)
Anonymous said…
Scot said…
That first picture of the storm is AMAZING!
So what did Youngest buy to take to Japan as an Omiyage?
Paola said…
Oh my, those pics are beautiful.
Duyvken said…
I love those storm photos.
And your sandals too.
Anonymous said…
Digging the sandals and the shiny black polish.

Anonymous said…
That is some storm!
I'm a soap whore, too. Nothing like a rich bar that smells faint but nice.
Great sandals, but better still the good time out with friends.
dan renzi said…
If you like gin & Earl Grey, someday try a Chaitini. Delish.