things Middle taught me about the internet

Somehow, it ended up that Middle and I spent a few hours alone together this afternoon.
Inexplicably, we watched Marie Antoinette. Predictably, we watched MythBusters. But we had our laptops too and I leaned an awful lot from Middle...

1. allows you to sign up for stuff, enter contests, or, I suppose, send nasty emails to people anonymously as the email address expires after 10 minutes.

2. He takes his shaving tips from The Art of Manliness.

3. Need to know how many people are in space at any given moment?

4. Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?

5. Do I have the Swine Flu?

6. Have a hankering for some military spec clothing?

7. Middle always looks, uh, pretty Kitanica'd.

8. Wanna see The Big Picture?

9. There's always Twisted Sifter.

10. He likes to read about what Shane Hurlbut is up to.


Paola said…
Middle. An intriguing man. If I may ask, I have always wondered ... which girls attract him, or better which ones he likes the best ... he's so unique I imagine only a very few would be in his list ...
The Coffee Lady said…
They've changed your url to Are you British now?
I had to bookmark Twisted Sifter so I can spend more time there.

You said Hadron *snort*
Anonymous said…
Paola - ha! But really, ms. Knightly hasn't been returning my calls lately.

Paola said…
Keyra uh? Of course, so elegant. I sure see her by your arm. Try again, she'll answer, if only she knew!