Sunday, and also, Father's Day

The boys were very good to K this morning.
They chipped in and got him a fabulous BluRay player with a special wire and a copy of The Fifth Element, because he can and does watch The Fifth Element whenever the opportunity presents itself.
I bought him a new shave brush. I love that he uses a shave brush and his old one was a little bald.
He's smoking some pork for us, which makes him (and us) happy and we're watching some stuff on Netflix.
Ah, the life.
It was a stressful week and, believe it or not, Middle and I continue to recover from what we're calling The Big Drunk. You see, my brother was in town, it had been a stressful few days before his arrival and Middle had a bottle of Maker's Mark he wanted to get rid drinking it. We both went over our comfortable limit and suffered in various ways and though it was a couple of nights ago (and Middle went away on location for a couple of days and got a bad sunburn) neither of us feel completely well. I know! (And, yes, I've hydrated and done countless other hangover cures.) I don't think the giant, salty, corned beef sandwich I had helped much either.


 Served where Harry Met Sally.


No, I think I need a week here:


 NOT here, mind you.


I'm no Hobbit.

But that's the week behind me.
Ahead of me?
Getting my boss out the door to a three country trip in Europe, attending Youngest's graduation, AND, dealing with my hair.
Yes, I still look a little like this -


Richard Avedon. RIP.

I just read a little bit about Joseph Altazura's mother, who is the CEO of his fashion line, and
found her hair slightly inspirational.


(K is panicking now. He doesn't like short hair very much - and that's what I have. Short hair, very much.)


What's this? A chocolate bar my sweet pal D brought me from Sicily.
Crystaline and slightly peppery, it is delightful!

Okay, we're going to watch Mr. Bourdain in Paris now.

Some links for you to check:

I honestly have no desire for a bigger house, but I can totally get behind this.

Middle spotted this fabulous kit whilst searching for a dopp kit for future traveling.

Did You Get The Memo? Adorable!


Rae said…
Hope you feel better soon! Happy Father's Day to K. :)
kmkat said…
I have a hard time imagining living in that converted schoolhouse, but then I cannot imagine having five kids, either. Kudos to them for managing both.

We had a MemoMoment at work last tax season -- three of us in the elevator on our way to lunch. Green cardigan, white t-shirt, black pants. Next time that happens, I'll know where to send the photo ;-)
L.P. said…
I love old buildings that are turned into homes-- something very soulful about them, even with modern furniture and appliances.

And feel better soon!
Scot said…
Now you gotta buy him The London Soap from Gilchrist & Soames. A good badger brush and that soap make for the MOST luxuriant shaving experience. (I hate to sound like a commercial but...) A good brush and a great soap and even the cheapest razor gives you the best shave.

Thanks to you now I have to go eat chocolate cake. Its the only chocolate I have in the house right now.
Ali said…
Did youu get the memo? Faaahbulous daaahling!
Paola said…
That is some housing ...
Sorry about the hangover, it's AWFUL.
Anonymous said…
MY husband will watch The Fifth Element at any opportunity as well! It's usually my cue to leave the room, even though I really usually love Mila Jovocivhcoch.


Duyvken said…
Mr Duyvken also watches The Fifth Element at every opportunity and proudly wears a yellow t-shirt that features in the movie. Here's to feeling better soon!