so, I'm sitting here

 - and it's Monday night.
I've picked Oldest up from the station - he had a bad day (sometimes people decide not to get a tattoo, even if they've made an appointment), I've had my dinner (white wine and potato chips), and, to tell you the truth, I haven't really had a great day either (cranky boss, nothing right, annoying emails).
My eyes are really itchy and I have myriad other minor physical complaints (though, not The Whooping Cough).
K is probably working pretty late (a blessing, but one worries) and Youngest has just confessed that his wrist hurts (it has been in a cast for a month, this cannot be good).
Let's see.
What else can I complain about?
I wish The West Wing was still on television.


How's that for first world problems?


kmkat said…
I agree totally. West Wing should still be on my local TV station.
Unknown said…
Aaron Sorkin has a new series about tv journalists starring Jeff Daniels, Emily Mortimer and a host of other excellent actors. It's gonna be on HBO, which is one more reason why I refuse to give up my premium cable stations.

(See you in a week! Cant' wait!)
Scot said…
Which is why a bit of special attention should be paid to ANYTHING written by Aaron Sorkin. Remember that line from A SOCUAL NETWORK? "Dude, are you medically stupid?"
For years I've described days like today as MONDAY, PART FIVE. It doesn't matter what day of the week it is, it conveys a meaning everybody understands.
Ack, such a Monday.

Just saw you on page 161!
Anonymous said…
What do people mean when they say see you in a week and just saw you on a certain page?? I am totally out of those loops. Not that I need to be in them! But I'm curious.

I TOTALLY miss West Wing. Ach, the walk and talk! No one does that at my office. No one!

OMSH said…
I had Tequila and Grapefruit juice for dinner and my knee hurts. Or maybe my knee hurt so I decided to have Tequila and Grapefruit juice for dinner.

It's a chicken and egg thing I think.

Feel better.
Alysha in Seattle said…
Oh my, we just bought the DVDs seasons one and two of the West Wing at a garage sale Saturday. We started watching them this weekend I forgot how much I LOVED this series ;-) And I wish I were snap-witty like Donna while at the office....
RW said…
Monday part 5.
that is awesome.
totally going to steal it.

bleak weather here.
actually it is a downpour.
it is ridiculous.

I am going away this weekend. It will be good once I am there, but a ton of stuff to do before I leave.

Be well.
Paola said…
I came across West Wing re n33 run JUST last night.
I loved it too!
But now the wrist is worrying me ... hopefully it's just the fact that it' sbeen in a cast so long ...
L.P. said…
I love the West Wing! Best snappy dialogue ever.

And sorry about Youngest's naughty wrist.