signs of summer

It rains but the sun is shining.


 We bought our first ever screen door.


 Remember Summer Dip? My mom's speciality.


 We get to the beach as often as we can...



on Fridays, my office closes at 1:00.


Crazy Mom! said…
I am so jealous of you being SO CLOSE to the beach.

JEALOUS. I'm just sayin'.
Paola said…
YUM to the dip!

Summer blahhhhh ...

I can't take summer anymore.

Go ahead: hit me.
Anonymous said…
You are such a poet. It's fun to read these little photo updates.

Hilary said…
Great shot of the rainbow! Thursday? I the rain followed me home (as did the rainbows) but as soon as I got to the other side of the island it was bone dry....
readersguide said…
Oh, it's a nice one. Bet it will make a satisfying bang as it closes.