oh, the places I've been

Nowhere, really.
I've been getting my boss out the door for a European tour. There was/is a powerpoint to be done.
I've had my head down for days...but I love it.
It's mighty hot here right now -


my thoughts cannot help but turn toward Friday when we will sit on the open football field to see Youngest "walk" at graduation. He has modified his mortar board and K and I have cleared our mornings (though the ceremony is planned to take place from 10:30 to 1:00) and I can only imagine us in unbearable heat and sun. They closed the schools today. Too hot.

Beyond graduation and powerpoints, I don't have much to say.
I do, however, have pictures. 
I've got Hall of Shame Commuters and Great Outfits From The Back!

First: the commuters.


This guy is wearing a nice enough shirt. I'll give him that.
What's my problem?
Like he bathed in it. 
I was choking. 
Don't you think that's kind of old-school? Young guys wearing cologne? 
(Obviously I am not referring to Axe, with which boys of a certain age douse themselves.)


This is Tiffeny (sic). I know because it was written on her cup. Tiffeny has her feet on the seat. We are constantly admonished, by the railroad, regarding feet on the seats (and cell phone use), not that it matters. Aren't you glad you don't have to sit there after Tiffeny leaves?


This guy took up a seat-and-a-half with his person and his briefcase. I would have been livid except the young girl who squished in next to him didn't seem to mind only getting half a seat.


He couldn't have been happier when she and her friends got off the train. 
Finally, he was able to put his feet up. 



I tried so hard to get a shot of this girl. Short dress, high socks, little boots. 
Somehow it all worked quite well. Trust me, you would have liked it! 


This was gorgeous. Wonderful long skirt, studded boots, great shirt. 
I never saw her from the front but I loved it all. 
Tall too. I'm swooning.


Last but not least - I missed this shot too. An extraordinary haircut, notable because my hair is very dark underneath in the back and very white on top. I'm having it cut next week and stylists have mentioned highlighting this feature. Unfortunately, none of them have impressed me. I'm going to another new place. 

Is that it? 
I think that's it! 
I'm starting to get excited about the imminent invasion from Australia!


Paola said…
I had written a nice long comment but blogger ate it.

WHat did I say?

I forgot, it's TOO HOT!

Oh yeah, RUDE people are all over, not just here!!!
Duyvken said…
The invaders are excited too! You must see what Suse has done with her hair - I love it! Enjoy the graduation, congrats to Youngest and I hope that you and K find a way to keep cool in all that heat! xx
Anonymous said…
Tsk. Seat hogs are the worst sorts--and the cologne-marinaters.

That first outfit is pretty great.