Really? Cynthia Rowley claims to use a Sharpie? Have I mentioned that I wear five different kinds of supposedly un-smudgeable eye pencil/liner and it smudges every single day? From here.

I love a good list.

This guy? Youngest's hero.

While we were discussing clocks yesterday, I had to see if our fridge really has one inside it. Then I read about the recalls on our appliances. How 'bout that toaster? (We don't have that toaster or that flammable dishwasher. But our fridge is a piece of junk - don't buy Viking.)

I love the Houzz emails and, surprsingly, this one cracked me up!

Ooooh, Refinery 29 is on Pinterest.

Marc Jacobs Resort handbags are now available for pre-order. Are you clicking right now?! (smirk)

I hadn't really thought about it when Middle said that most Tumblrs are porn. I guess I never really run into them, but it makes sense. This one isn't, but it is sexy. Ugh. I've just noticed it is called Now And Than.

I would love to try this. Nothing seems to moisturize me enough. Ever.

The most beautiful shoes on earth?

Nice place.

Sometimes the Pinterest Popular Board can be a little over the top.

You've gotta love The Oatmeal.


Unknown said…
Oh look, Mark Jacobs is trying to sell me a $2,000 blue bowling ball bag.
Boho bedroom with the books or shoes displayed at the bottom of the bed?
Too much stuff for kitty to knock over at 3am.

Josie Maran looks a little too expensive for my non-employed ass.
Although I do find serums are working better for me than lotion or cream.

Pretty shoes would make my high instep weep.
Pretty house has a lovely screen porch.
L.P. said…
Oh, thanks for introducing me to The Oatmeal-- I do gotta love!

And, well, maybe those shoes aren't the most beautiful on earth, but damn, they are close. If they were soft black leather, I'd be trying to figure out what I could sell so I could buy them.
Mary said…
The sharpie pen as eyeliner is freaking me out.

I also am always on the look out for a good moisturiser - one that doesn't cost the earth - very dry skin - but not sure about oil ! Will research further.
kmkat said…
Shoes look like they have the potential to be comfortable. Hard to say for sure.

Great summer house! Love that porch.

Cake batter = raw eggs. Not the best choice for dessert. The demise of required home ec classes = generations completely unschooled in the science associated with food prep, storage, and safety.
KPB said…
Several of those things just ended up on my Things that shit me page on Pinterest.

That sharpie link doesn't work for me, I just pictured of an impossibly gorgeous pregnant woman with her daughter called Secret or some such nonsense.

that cake batter concept is frightful.