he leaves me in stitches

The Scene: Middle and bb are reclining on her bed. Neither are feeling terribly well. Both are bemoaning their situation. Kvetching, as it were.

Middle (looking around the room): In what point in the design process do they decide something        
            needs a clock in it?
            That's a cable box, why is there a clock in it?
            But the dvd player doesn't have one.
            How many clocks are in a house - there's like 16 in this room and they are all slightly off
            Why does only one of our ovens have a clock?
            Why the fuck does the refrigerator have a clock on the inside? Do they really think you're            
            going to go get some orange juice and then wonder what time it is?


Have similar conversations with the youngest, but they usually sound like, "Papyrus, oh yeah, much more original than Helvetica, store owner." (Voice dripping with sarcasm).
OMSH said…

the refrigerator...bwahahaha
KPB said…
There are 16 in here and they're all slightly off.

Paola said…
So you do understand why we're all crazy about your boys.
Anonymous said…
Time for juice!