happy graduation

We sat, this morning, in the heat, for several hours to see Youngest get his diploma.
But let's backtrack a bit, shall we.
I ironed the polyester gown (exactly the same as his brother's though we were forced to buy a second one) which would: melt on high heat, retain wrinkles on low heat, and told Youngest I'd appreciate it if he wore pants to graduation. It was 82 at 7:00AM.
With very limited seating available, K and I excused Oldest (at work) and Middle (in bed) and went off to the school which was, an hour before the ceremony, swarming with parents. No place to park, no shaded space to sit, we were smart enough to bring an umbrella, which proved brilliant.

Screen Shot 2012-06-22 at 7.35.43 PM

Youngest customized his mortarboard, making him slightly easier to spot among the crowd.


Of course it seemed interminable. It was very very warm.

We are very very proud.


Back at the house, Youngest, Middle and K moved some furniture, ran some wires and set up for The LAN PARTY. Five friends joined Youngest to play Call of Duty together as a team. With the fridge full of Mountain Dew and big bowls of Doritos around the room, it is fascinating to watch. As of 8:30 the team is undefeated, polite, and lovable in that video-game boy way.
We are delighted to be able to host and thrilled that he is enjoying the evening.



Anonymous said…
From Laura,
blackbird, the things I learn reading your blog...LAN party!
Congratulations Youngest!
Poppy B. said…
Yay youngest!

But OMG the class is so tiny. When our kids graduate, they'll be in a class of 1,000.

Mary said…
Congratulations Youngest. Truly.

But gee whizz where has the time gone bb?
Congratulations to Youngest!
Love his mortarboard.
Miz S said…
I am very happy for Youngest but DEAR GOD the thought of sitting outside in the sun for a graduation just leaves me on the verge of a breakdown.
Kathy said…
Oh! Congratulations to Youngest! I remember when he still played with toys. *sniff*

I cannot imagine what it will be like to finally FINALLY know that both of mine have made it through high school. The boy child especially. I will cry and it will be 70% relief, 25% joy, and 5% where did my baby go?
Wendy said…
Congratulations youngest! My oldest loved your mortarboard.
Anonymous said…
A great way to cap off a momentous day. Congrats to all!

Suse said…
Congratulations to Youngest!! Such a big thing.

So. It's hot there, huh? I was just about to email you and ask what the weather is like.

Paola said…
Bravo Youngest!
And now ... Jap time!

And to the Bird parents, too.

Jobs well done!
Anonymous said…
(I watched the video--I think I saw a glimpse of my own future... and it doesn't look too shabby)
alice c said…
Oh! I'm SO sorry I missed the special day but belated congratulations to Youngest.

Be proud of your amazing achievement. The world is waiting for you!