What's slightly more uncomfortable than the cough from (possible) whooping cough?
The hives from four days of Zithromax.


Oh dear, you jumped from the frying pan into the fire.
Can you take Zyrtec? That cleared up my daughter's horrible hives during her last attack.

Feel better soon.
Anonymous said…
Please get well soon from any and all ailments.

Paola said…
Exactly what I said in the earlier post.


hugs all around my dear, I've go tnothign else to offer from such a distance.
Crazy Mom! said…
Oh dear mercy. I'm so sorry.

Biaxin and erythromycin are off your plate permanently.

Start with Benedryll...
Ugh. I am taking leftover antibiotics from last summer until I can get thru to a doc tomorrow. Will I ever go to the Cape without bringing back a sinus infection?

Stay in bed and drink tea with honey and lemon!
Hilary said…
Poor you... I hope you feel better soon...