dateline: Tuvalu

It is and has been a busy week - and it's only Wednesday night!
I, still coughing but sans hives, have been attending an industry event. A conference, if you will.
Yesterday, K and Middle attended with me and we made a video of 17 CEO's congratulating my CEO on an honor he will receive this fall. It was great fun and it went off without a hitch, but it was exhausting.
While we were doing that, K got a call from a company he loves working at and he went over there today to do a project. Moments after that call, he got a call from a company he's been interviewing with over a period of weeks. They decided to downsize the position they were discussing with him and offered it to someone else. Someone with less experience. Someone cheaper, I'm guessing.
And, so, after weeks of worrying and thinking and praying, the universe spoke.
K had many thoughts about going to that company. He ruminated for weeks about "drinking the Kool-Ade." It was a very conservative, corporate place.
In the end, it was out of our hands.

All's well with the other boys - though Middle is consoling a friend whose mother passed away quite suddenly. It breaks my heart to think about and I'm proud of him for stepping in to comfort her.

Youngest is very nearly done with school.
Oldest is coping with a co-worker being fired.

I suppose, now that I've typed it out, that this is a tumultuous time.

For levity, here is the Rider Of Shame!

This very attractive young woman is a dead ringer for Sarah Jessica Parker. She has beautiful, simple jewelry, she is tiny, slim and blond (from a bottle) and she's got some killer accessories.
What makes her the Rider of Shame?
She licked her fingers, removed her contact lenses and dropped them on the floor by my feet.
I tell you: commuting life is never dull.


Mary said…
I wish you imminent peaceful times.

And that may be the most disgusting commuter story ever.
Jen said…
Yes not that quiet a time!

And ewwwwwwwwww!
kkc135 said…
Life...sometimes beautiful and sometimes it just plain sucks!
KPB said…
What is that woman doing?
Anonymous said…
Maybe this is the door opening for something more appropriate for K.
Glad the BIG EVENT went well, despite you feeling like crud.
Crazy Mom! said…
Oh dear.

But so glad the cough is better....
Paola said…
Leap year darling.
Giving me the shits as well (and I quote Kim here), in all its glory.
FOcus on better times ahead.


Yeah, not working her either ...
Joan said…
Husband over 50, company putch, face no longer fit, five years un-/under-employment. Interview for perfect job, slam dunk? Offered to younger candidate. Thank you note sent. Six weeks later, Friday night (!) phone call from recruiter. Sprout ditched them for better offer at the finish line. Still interested? Hell yeah.

K's silver lining is out there.

Oh, and the good news is a steady paycheck with benefits. The bad news is an incompetent, paranoid boss and unpleasant team dynamic, with no prospect of change for at least 18 months...