but enough about Scot

I kid.
Scot, my friend, we continue to hold you in our thoughts and hope you can continue to update us.

In the meantime, I am sure you want to know what's been going on in Tuvalu, don't you?
I tell you, the week has flown by, largely because I was CRAZY BUSY. In fact, I took today off!
K and Middle and I have been shooting a video in my office and, let me tell you, there is NO way in hell I could ever work in THAT business. The stress! The lugging of equipment! Did I mention the stress? We shot 35 people in two days. It was relentless, though, I have to say, also fascinating. Each person brought their own touch to the shoot. We laughed a lot, we were moved, we sat around in between "set-ups." I got to learn some lingo (you know I adore jargon). Each time Middle set and turned on a light he said "striking." I forgot that those guys say that when they turn on a small bright-as-a-thousand-suns light. I love that stuff! The room could be empty and he'd say STRIKING. Also, I've never seen him work (shoot) and I can see why he is popular. He minds his business. MINDS HIS BUSINESS, which is to say, he sets a shot, gets the director to approve it, shoots it and moves on. No critique, no questions. He's a pro. K had him shoot as he is more familiar with the camera they wanted to use. K did sound. I pretended to direct, but I relied on Middle as I couldn't direct my way out of a paper bag. I proved that soundly.

Then, yesterday, my very dear friend A sprang me from work at noon, took me to lunch and then took me to this place for the most luxurious facial you can possibly imagine. A strong but silent Eastern European lady worked on my face and skin and neck and shoulders with countless delicately scented concoctions for 90 minutes!  It was like a full ballet was performed on my skin.
I cannot begin to describe the delight of it. She never pushed products at me, she covered me with a warm blanket (I was wearing a small towel-dress) and I do believe she got at least ten year's worth of gunk out of my pores. I know, that last bit is over-sharing, but I think I might have to see her a couple of times a year. I mean, I'm not getting any younger and my skin is kind of a mess. Or neglected. It dawned on me, as A and I walked back downtown on Madison Avenue (which is a sight you must see - oh, the women!) that A has taken good care of her skin. She is nearly ten years older than I and she is beautiful. I'm hoping it isn't too late for my pores!

This weekend is jam-packed (isn't that a funny thing to say? Jam?) K is working both days, and Youngest and I are going to hit Uniqlo's sale and get him some duds on Saturday and then on Sunday I am meeting Suse! I've been too busy this week to be excited but now that I'm sitting here on my bed thinking about it, I have butterflies. What to wear! (It will be in the 90's.)

I'll shall rest up and think about it.


Have a good pre-4th of July weekend.
We have Cape Cod friends in Tampa this weekend so we are hanging with them and going to the historical cigar-making Cuban area of town.

I was just thinking this morning that my skin looks bleh. Maybe needs a facial? I've never had one.

Thanks for keeping us updated on Scot.
Anonymous said…
There is NOTHING like a facial. Bliss. Scot (and perhaps the rest of CO) will need one after the ordeal.

Yay for meeting Suse! Cropped pics of partial faces please!

Laura Jane said…
you're meeting Suse? How divine!!!!
Paola said…
Hi, my name is Paola and I never had a facial in my life.
Or a mani-pedi
Or a massage

Yeah ... I know.
KPB said…
Goodness! GOODNESS!