the big Friday update

So, what's been going on? I know you're wondering.
That hacking cough?
The doctor thinks it could be whooping cough and stuck the longest cotton swab you have ever seen up, into my nose, to nearly behind MY EYEBALL to get a culture. Honestly. That's how they test for the whooping cough disease. The test takes 48 hours to two weeks to grow and it is now 72 hours with no results. They told me the longer it takes to get a result the less likely it is that the test is positive. PLUS, I am allergic to Codeine so no really good cough medicine. The injustice of it all.
I have a Z-Pack and am improving, which is good as now I need to work this weekend.


from Plume by Isabelle Simier

My sweet friend at work sent me this blackbird today. At first I didn't notice the cat lurking.

I helped Oldest make new business cards (he's gone through the 250 we gave him for Christmas).


I found this photo of Judi Dench looking EXACTLY like my MIL while we were in Holland last year...


AND, I came to a major hair decision.


Instead of having it cut again (I am still not happy) I will trim the bangs a little bit and then DO NOTHING. That's my hair but longer up there. I'm going to try to be patient.

This weekend K and Middle and I are going to do a shoot. I am nervous and excited.

Youngest has one week of school left before final exams. His cast comes off for a look in 11 days.

Oldest? More business cards!


I posted the same photo of Dame Judi on my blog this week. I saw the movie and I want to sew a bunch of clothes just like her wardrobe. I got my sewing machine out of storage and looked at fabric.

I love Oldest's business cards
L.P. said…
Oh, man, whooping cough! Hope you feel better soon, whatever bug has got hold of you.

Love the business cards! Nice work.
KPB said…
yes, the good ole whooping cough - basically if you're not dry-wretching when they're swabbing they haven't gone back far enough.

Also - the longer you've been coughing the harder it is to diagnose.

But really, if you're coughing until you wretch all.the.time. it's whooping cough.

Those business cards are AWESOME.

Good luck to K and Middle. Exciting!
The Coffee Lady said…
Poor you! Still, a hair plan - more than I've got.
kmkat said…
GREAT hair! So, so sorry about the whooping cough. Do take care of yourself; that can be serious.

Question for Youngest: what is the difference between free running and parkour? (I could probably google and find out, but it's more fun to ask an expert.)
Paola said…
You are aware Positano is FULL of clothes like that.

Nice hair!

Bummer to the whooping cough. BUMMER!

K, yourself and Middle on a shoot, how can that be worrying?

It's a bad period here as well, BAD I tell you ... one WRONG thing after the other, problems, issues, tragedies ...

Rae said…
Oh no! Whooping cough... ugh. Hope you feel better soon. (And life sounds very exciting!)
Anonymous said…
Those business cards are sublime.
That hair is gorgeous.
Oh, to grow old looking like Judi Dench.