why I love the internet, today, later

I'm leaving my job early today. I've got a horrible hacking cough now and I have an appointment with my doctor.
But first I thought I'd show you some things...

I always love reading Manolo, but Mondays, or the day after a long weekend are my favorite posts.

Why do I never have lunches that look like Sandra Juto's lunches? I ask you?

What is the BEST cough medicine if you are allergic to Codeine? Why can I never remember the name of them?

Have you seen this? Almost everyone has, but it's worth watching again. Someone told me it was a year in the making. I don't know about that but it's certainly well done.

I am guilty.

Still struggling with my hair, I am slowly moving toward this (with little effort) but in gray.

Poor Pinterest! I get dozens of _________is following all of your boards, follow __________back, only to discover that _____________ is a spammy spamhead full of SPAM.

I forgot two:

Beautiful women, beautiful scarves!

This will have you craving an egg, cooked in a spoon, over an open fire!


Paola said…
Oh, that proposal ...

Enjoy the rest of your day, hopefully resting and having fun.
I'm on Pinterest but I swear I'm not a Spammy Spamhead!

I read 50 Shades Of Grey! No, I didn't. I'm lying.

Shoe blogs make me sad. I can't wear shoes anymore. I live in $2 Old Navy flip-flops and Target sandals. It's a sad state of affairs.
Mary said…
That proposal had me weeping like a fool.
alice c said…
Will your hair wriggle like that?
blackdogramona said…
Love the chunky, uneven hairdo, I would have it if mine were thicker - please post a pic when yours gets to look like this?
Scot said…
OK, let's be honest. Do you really want an egg baked in some nasty old spoon or do you want one because she made one for Maira Kalman?
Frankly, I'd rather have it fried or an omlette. :o)
KPB said…
Cried like a baby at that video. The joy!
Anonymous said…
That proposal sets the bar mighty high for the rest of creation. I hope they post a 25th anniversary video someday.
And that Sandra Junto--you always lead me to the most wonderful spots in the world, BB.