the week in review

Where was I?
On some level (and, believe me, I'll give you the same disclaimer again and again: I know how fortunate we are) it was something of a hellish week. I had just about recovered from the PTSD of running like a crazy woman from work, onto a train, to the hospital where Youngest was having a treatment after he collapsed at school when, on Monday night, he "went out for a run!"
I'm telling you, I knew when he left that he was going to break a bone. I did. I knew.
We've discovered a slight discrepancy, to be cleared up on Monday when the doctor's office re-opens, in that the next x-ray is scheduled for July 24th but we were told it should be done in six weeks. For those of you counting (Grammy, MFAOA), that is more like 11 weeks. We'll see.
I saw the x-ray and, while I'm no doctor, it's a big fat bone broken clear in half. There is some issue of blood-flow and healing and it doesn't look like a six week job to me.
I spoke to the doctor on Wednesday, just after I ordered spontaneous office champagne (!), and he assured me that Youngest will either have a new cast in Tokyo or be completely healed. Or need surgery and have a new cast. I love this doctor and trust him. He has cast several of my boy's hands.
I was pretty useless on Tuesday. After the cast business, I was dressed down by an SVP, who, later in the week, made things right. My dear boss (out of the office on Tuesdays) advised me to leave and I did. I grabbed a crappy magazine and hopped a train.

Wednesday? Many many meetings. Lots of crazy running around. Wednesday night I attended the very last school concert I will ever go to. Actually, I suppose I could be invited to the school concerts of my eventual grandchildren, but, folks, it's been a long, long road. Three boys, far apart in age, meant concerts every year, sometimes four or six times a year, for over 20 years. I loved them, I hated them. They were wonderful, they were horrible. They were moving/I could have napped. This time, I didn't have the energy to get too worked up - though I need to write to Youngest's music teacher as he has inspired Youngest as no other teacher ever has. That Youngest played trumpet with a cast is just so fitting. I can't count the number of concerts he has missed due to injuries or hospital stays.


The concert was moving, too, because the seniors said goodbye to the teacher. The teacher was emotional, the kids were emotional. It was emotional. The music programs in our schools are an incredible by-product of living in a place that is far too posh for us.
Again, lucky.

On Thursday I clicked between emails and phone calls and drinks and carefully considered thoughtful conversations as I navigated helping a friend consider a new job. And then I rushed to the train to catch Youngest's senior art show.


He is working day and night to finish his Advanced Placement Final Project in art and I love his pictures. While we were there a fellow parent told us he's long admired Youngest's work and has enjoyed seeing him progress at these shows. That was a thrill.

It was exciting for me to see the work of his who we've known since Youngest was three or four.


 Beautiful work.


 Some, from girls Youngest has been sweet for.


Some that Youngest helped with.


This one has become sort of locally famous. Hung in a show at the library, worked on for a year
(I think), I feel like it's his signature piece.

Friday (champagne at the office!) started with a crazy rush of meetings and internet issues and running around and ended with me leaving early to visit my tiny cousin!
She is turning three and I simply had to bring her a present...a raincoat and umbrella.


She could not be any cuter. She took the coat on and off a dozen times! She told us she was going shopping. She was a joy to be with at the end of a long, long week.


I read her a wonderful book, at least twice. I had some champagne.
I had a leisurely walk to the train to get home. It was nice.

And today?
A doctor's appointment. Blergh.
Some chores, some sitting around. But then, some amazing pork tacos (Cinco De Mayo!) and excellent music with the boys.
As always, lots of laughing around our table. One of my favorite times of day.

Next week (save for Thursday) promises to be quieter.
Let's hope!


Anonymous said…
may the 4th was not with me either this week

i am putting it down to this month's perigee full moon (or supermoon)

Paola said…
Yet you look wonderful.
Rae said…
It's more of your face than I've ever seen! You're lovely and even blessed people get exhausted.
Miz S said…
It is more of your face than I have ever seen, either! I have been out of circulation, as you know, but I finally made it over here and at least skimmed about 6 weeks worth of updates. Life is an adventure, as always. But I do wish Youngest would not visit the hospital twice in one week.

Love you, blackbird.

Ugh to the fracture and the ER visits.
Yay to the gorgeous artwork!
Sigh to the last concert.
Gawjus! to the sneak peek of you.
And hugs and kisses all around to all of you for so much exciting times, stressful and joyful.

I'm still talking about K's chocolate salted caramel ice cream.
I don't know anyone who regrets how much time they spent in the music room in high school. My high-school friends and I still talk about the fun things we remember.

I can imagine his graduation day will be emotional for you. The last one for your boys.

Don't you just love 3 year old girls? They get excited about things like raincoats and umbrellas!

Love your hair! I just cut about 11 inches off mine, but I wish it would go grey faster.
BCIslandMom said…
whew! what a week! while we are all thankful for what we have there are times when life does try to overrun us. you, as always, manage with style and grace.
RW said…
holy moly.

that ice cream looks awesome.
and the artwork.

wishing you a restful sunday.

we finally have full on sunshine.
Kathy said…
Loving/hating the band concerts -- hellz yes. And I've only been at it for 5 years with 1 kid. Two years to go....
KPB said…
Oh bloss. I've turned the dial down on the emotion over here but I feel perhaps I need to rejig it and blow some energy reserves your way. What a ride dude.
Duyvken said…
Kisses! That was full on. Here's to quieter weeks ahead and a little nod from me to you acknowledging the end of your school concerts, that's quite a milestone.
Anonymous said…
Oh, it's the time of year for bittersweet endings.
What a gift to have artistic children.
Anonymous said…
Haha, at first I read "Some that Youngest slept with." I just about had a heart attack and then I figured it out. Helped. Youngest helped with those! My goodness.

And my goodness, what a WEEK! I hope this one is much, much, much less eventful for you and yours. But that the nice parts (moving moments, compliments about your family, etc.) are included.

Suse said…
What a week.