senior cut day

A message from HIGH SCHOOL

Good evening, this is Mr. M., the senior class assistant principal.

It has sadly come to my attention that the senior class is planning yet another illegal senior cut day for Thursday. This would be the second time this has happened this year and it is simply not acceptable. Please be reminded that our school has never sanctioned such an event. There are many seniors for whom graduation is still in question and the 85% attendance policy still applies.

Please know that all absences for medical reasons or college visits must be supported by official documentation. If said documentation is not provided, absences will otherwise be marked as unexcused.

I thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation. I hope that together we can send a message to our students that responsibility and work ethic is more important than another wasted day off - especially given that this is the second time they are trying to do this.

Thank you and have a good evening.

Herewith, and open letter to Mr. M..

Dear Mr. M.,

I truly appreciate the attention you've given to this matter.
My son, Youngest, will attend the first two periods of the day today and, then, will sign out and take the train to the city where he will be interning at a company who has put him to work within the field of his interest.
I must say, I feel mild resentment as my son has a 3.85 grade point average and has never cut a class in his life. In fact, I am so proud of his academic record that, should he desire to cut class tomorrow, I would be pleased to call the school with a bullshit excuse for his absence.
Never mind. Youngest will be present for his morning classes, sign himself out for the afternoon, and continue to make his family proud by going to work - wage-free in a field he is interested in.
Indeed, it is difficult to imagine that he doesn't occasionally "waste" his day at school on C days, for example, when he has three out of six periods free and then watches a video in his Global class.

Yours sincerely (and I do mean sincerely)


Jen on the Edge said…
As far as I'm concerned, any day off sanctioned by a parent is enough and "official documentation" is not necessary.
Julia Steele said…
When I was in high school a million years ago, a friend went on a six-week trip to Africa with his parents. They were doing missionary work and something for Doctors Without Borders, if I recall. He was a 4.0 student and on every council/board/activity you could think of. The idiots at the school threatened to fail him for missing that many days of school.

Um, hello? Morons.
KPB said…
This is one of those (very) common situations where I find myself muttering under my breath, 'idiot' in my best Napoleon Dynamite voice.
Crazy Mom! said…
You go girl. Support your very good Youngest.

Can I have your tots?
Paola said…
I know people who take their children out of school around Dec. 15th and bring them back to school Jan 15th or 20th or 31st ...



And nobody fails, no! They get the very same grades of kids who diligently attend school every day.
Anonymous said…
Wow, high school hasn't changed much in the 25 years it's been since I left it. And my, how they've aired their dirty laundry in public: They should be way more concerned about the fact that they have "many seniors for whom graduation is still in question"--and target their messages about attendance to THOSE families. Youngest and his ilk are the least of their worries.

Also, I bet the teachers would be secretly relieved if no one showed up. It would be a nice break for them too!

Anonymous said…
So there's still no thread of common sense in public education there either, eh?
Scot said…
I sincerely (and I DO mean sincerely) hope that your boys know how cool their mom is. :o)
My note would have just said "...because I said so."

Just as a side my hair cut yesterday. There - was - sooo - much - hair - on - the - floor - when - he - was - done! He cut off over 12 inches.
I love your email to the principal.
Hilary said…
I am cheering!!! you are good!
Julia said…
Wonderful letter!