Memorial Day

We put the air conditioners in the windows today. The temperature hit 87 and the boys revolted.
It's a gruesome job, pulling them out of the back of the garage and cleaning them and disinfecting the filters, lugging them around the house and into the windows.
Oldest was at work, Youngest is still in a cast, so it fell to Middle to assist. Fortunately, even in the heat he is good natured.
Before that, though, we went to the parade. It was, quite probably, the last parade we will attend. It may well have been the 30th parade we have attended to see one of our boys march.
I was okay about that but, then, we went down to the town bandshell and they played taps and Youngest played To The Colors and I had a little cry.
We have a lot going on just now and I'm preoccupied with what I'm guessing is allergies.
We are all fine, it's just that there seem to be big things hanging over us.
June is going to be a very busy month.
I'm hoping, just as soon as I can clear my nasal passages, to be able to breathe deeply and face it.


Anonymous said…
What an honor, to play To the Color.

Enjoy the last few days of May...come what June. : )

Terese said…
Best wishes Blackbird and the clan, from the shores of Sydney.
KPB said…
What an honour for Youngest and how proud you must have been. I would have been doing the snotty blubbering which just serves to highlight the differences between you and I.

And I get that heavy feeling and the allergies.

We'll be here, willing you on.
Paola said…
Emotional indeed.
Happy thoughts and good vibes are always on your way form here, you know.
Anonymous said…
Oh, what a proud moment for you.
Breathe easy--I hope the air clears by you.