the last time

The last time I saw Richard was Detroit in 68 and he told me...
No, that's a Joni Mitchell lyric from Blue, which I just uploaded and have been listening to.
What I really meant to say was: the last time I posted was about a week ago!
I've been very busy.
I have all the posts about last week right here (taps her head) and I'm going to let them spill out just as soon as I get myself organized.
Let's see, there's the post about shit on the internet I'd never buy...the one about WHO is cutting my hair and, finally, an exciting look at a day in my life.
I've uploaded most of the photos so, now, I just have to bang this stuff out.
Stand by!


blackdogramona said…
"Detroit in 68...and he told me - all romantics meet the same fate someday - cynical and drunk and boring someone in some dark cafe" - I don't think thats what you have been doing, though, Blackbird - looking forward to hearing about the hair! and the rest.
Scot said…
Listening to BLUE?
Why so glum?
Personally, I like the MILES OF AISLES version better. Her voice was more mature.
Hope you downloaded the entire album.
I could drink a case of you!
Ginnie said…
Waiting with bated breath!

And I'm with Scot - love Miles of Aisles.