K and I have been saying this to each other for a couple of weeks, re-enacting this scene.

Give me a little more time and, maybe, I'll be able to tell you about it.


KPB said…
Well that is now entering the Team Berry lexicon as well.
Paola said…
Anonymous said…
Lol...that's funny. I remember that movie. I sort of hated that movie! Excellent line though.

Anonymous said…
So you are just as cute IRL as you are in the cyberworld. I knew it.
LOVE that movie so much.
It's also very appropriate for us right now as Mr Sunshine just got a promotion.
RW said…
oh man.
I have been hunkering down.
shoring up reserves.
this was the best thing evah.

lots here to digest.
peace out.
my friend.
The Coffee Lady said…
And you are wearing that nightie. Yes?