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While we wait...

Boy Scout Merit Badge Projects.

I've been married twice as long but I think Lydia makes some very valid points.

I always enjoy reading about The Selby and his travels.

I like the idea of a Dave Eggers shower curtain, I'm just not sure I want to look at it in my bathroom.

It's always fun to find something new....

This house feels like mine, a little. I'm not running to buy any glass cloches, though.

We need a new vacuum. Actually, we need an awful lot of things around the house, it's just that the vacuum has really lost a lot of its power. We bought a Dyson when Youngest was seven.
It just might be time to replace it.

Paola, I NEED some things from Italy!

Last weekend, Youngest and I were sitting in the Jeep waiting for a parking spot when a woman in a minivan backed right into us. It made a terrific the sound of many soda cans crunching. I got out, shaking, to see the damage. None, really. We need a new one of these. But the woman who hit us was in a terrible state. She explained that her 10 year old nephew had died during the night. I didn't ask any questions but turned to her friend and asked if she could drive her home. She was a mess. I'd like to forget about the whole thing and I'm going to call her in a few days and tell her so, which doesn't count as a good deed as I've now told all of you, but only because we need to remember that vacuums and shower curtains and coffee tables (coffee tables?) are all just bullshit.

Kim knows what's good.


Adventure Otaku said…
ya know, just today I posted someplace that we are surrounded by amazing things. You and I live very different lives. You love a vacuum, and I have a kayak paddle made of carbon fiber! I don't even own a vacuum! can you believe it? I have a phone that can practically show me a picture of the top of my head FROM SPACE! But none of it matters. What's amazing are simple things, the perfect little cup of coffee, the way the light lands on the kitchen table when I get up early, or the sound of my dog sleeping next to me - I know your not a dog person, but you know what I mean. It is very much the little things....

Paola said…
I am getting a bit scared about all this crashing thing.
Feel awful about the poor lady, more than for you (obviously) as you can replace what you lost ...
Tell me what you need adn I'll ship it 1-2-3 (although they have a FANTASTIC fee for int'l shipping!).

Boy do I agree with your brother!!!
Anonymous said…
Having never been to your house, I do see the resemblance. It's kind of how I imagine yours--the vibe is cottage-cozy-seaside.
The BS list--kill a webelo and use all the parts--I laughed out loud. For real.
Glad you weren't injured. You're right--cars can be fixed.
Anonymous said…
I like the Lydia list. My husband and I met 20 years ago next Wednesday--and have been together ever since. We are still working out the kinks in our togetherness, even though it's been so long, and there's some nice perspective in her list. Thanks for linking to it.

raych said…
Not to be trite in the face of nephews dying but DYSONNNNNNN! It's on my 'when I am rich' list, just above 'Miu Miu heels.'

Unless I can talk His Tallness into spending his grad present money on one, which is NOT OUT OF THE REALM OF POSSIBILITY.
I LOVE Jack White.

Now don't send me a lot of hater mail, but regardless of whether you pursue this person for the damage, make sure you report it to your insurance company. Cause you'd be surprised how many people back into other people...and then sue them for injuries, even when none apparent. Just a word from the lawyer wise.