Every day I get emails inviting me to buy things from places like Fab.com, The FoundaryEtsy and MyHabit.
I think all four sources are great for well-priced gifts and, in the case of Etsy, for supporting independent artists. And I like getting the emails, they're like little shopping breaks in my day.
BUT, the variety of items offered is sometimes staggering and there is an awful lot of stuff I'd NEVER consider buying.

Some examples:

Untitled Untitled
Expensive art depicting the evolution of popped corn. I know people say this all the time but, honestly, I believe I could make this. If I wanted it.


With apologies to Owen Mortensen, and gratefulness for the substantial discount, I will not be buying this Grid Of Birch Bark either.



 These two little numbers were discounted to $520 each. You won't be seeing either of them in my closet.

I'm a little over the whole grab-an-old-household-item-and-make-it-a-pendant-lamp trend. And these are expensive!

What? Soldier of Love Necklace II? No. Nope. That's a gold spray-painted green army man toy on a ball chain.

I will freely admit that I am completely intrigued with the whole charcoal-as-water-filter thing. I see that charcoal in the Japanese market all the time (I think it's the same.) But, then, a friend pointed out that it looks like someone has pooped in your drinking water and now I may be over it.


 Dear god in heaven. Let's order six. They come in male and female.


This, I do find intriguing. I kind of want it. I'll have to think about it. Does it fit in a car? Because it would be stolen off my front lawn in a heartbeat. It's okay if I miss it on sale, though. If I could come up with $230 to purchase something this trivial I'd be able to, just as easily, fork over the $299.

Hence, the things I'd forgo.
Later, what I'd love to order!


I kind of like the mason jar as a pendant lamp, but those businessey overalls! Who would wear those?
Sarah Louise said…
Yeah, the only thing I really want is the globe lamp.

Everything else is WOW, and um, really, that much?

KPB said…
That lighting ball is intriguing BUT I put it to you it is just a lighting form of the exercise ball. Never quite in the right place, no where to put it, always in the way. My boys would NOT leave it alone, which would make my neck itch more than usual.
raych said…
While I would not pay ANY dollars for it, that first popcorn thingus is SORT OF PRETTY.

Those outfits, however, are unflattering ON MODELS. MODELS.

In sum, I have enjoyed this post.
Cathy said…
That globe looks like Rover from The Prisoner.
Hilary said…
call me crazy, but I kind of like the chair...
Paola said…
Yeah ... I don't think so ...