a day in the life


The lilacs are in the flower district. It's nice because the scent wafts along the street and helps me avoid the block that doesn't smell so sweet. Warmer weather brings poorly scented streets in my neck of the woods.

This guy had a huge grin on his face - wedding flowers, I'm guessing.



What is it? Breakfast at a very high profile event with a very high profile honoree...


who made a very moving speech about her mother. She looked pretty damned good too, for those of you wondering. She had just stepped off a plane from India and her hair (my goodness, the number of people who asked me about her hair!) was lovely. It softened her somehow. And don't get nervous about her jacket: it's a peplum not her shape.
Just so you don't think it was just the nine of us at breakfast -


it was 3009.
I was very lucky to be invited.

Best outfit of the day?


I should do a series called Outfits From Behind. Maybe.

Busybusybusy at work, and now, K is on a project as well. (Thank you chanters/prayers/soothsayers!)

I feel, though, like summer is upon us. That is what comes of making plans and dates for things well into July.

I hate my hair. That is all.

That same evening as the breakfast, accompanied by nine of my closest work-mates, including the man who saved the day in Italy, we attended a cocktail and dinner event.


(Man Who Saved The Day In Italy) (Man Who Also Kept My Whiskey Glass Full)


I was going to say, sarcastically, that it was a rollicking good time but, in fact, we had a lot of laughs.

I'm off to do some Sunday chores.

And you?


Paola said…
I'd love t otell you but I'd jam your box ...
Almost over, my Sunday.
Is the guy who saviour European or American? Nice suit and allure, at least from the shot.
Scot said…
Earthquake in Italy!
Paola, you doing OK? Was it aywhere bear you or your loved ones?
You're in our thoughts.
KPB said…
It's Monday here. The house is blessedly quiet bar the permanently in action washing machine and the TV softly playing a speech in our Parliament by a politician so deeply in the shit it is quite breath-taking. That he didn't escape to Cuba is beyond many of us.

So pleased about K, your world is looking busy and lovely. I don't care whether she wears make-up, has greasy hair or dons a mumu, I adore Hilary.

A magic pudding of a whiskey glass? By a man in a dapper suit? Winning.

Felix played an awesome game of Rugby Union in the rain yesterday. It was a well-matched sparring and hooo boy was it tense. We won 17-10. This U12s rugby is intense!

Grover is being awful adorable, as is his want.

Oscar insists of getting up at 4am. It's driving me insane.

Jasper is almost seven, that says a lot.

We hear this week about the business loan.

And now you're up to speed.
Anonymous said…
A flower district sounds pretty darn awesome in a city where smells can get funky. We are at the end of lilacs here, but peonies will soon bloom.
What a thrill to hear Hillary in person! I read her bio and I think she's really remarkable. I even have an old campaign sign of hers I've saved.
Anonymous said…
I adore Day in the Life posts. I'd adore an Outfits from Behind series too.

I think it's wonderful that you got to attend such an exciting event.

I want that man to save MY day.