an update on Oldest

I went to visit Oldest at the shop last night.
He is in, what is arguably the most adorable part of town. Tiny tree lined streets, beautiful houses, small shops, great restaurants. It's the kind of neighborhood that really feels like a neighborhood, which is rare.
I walked there from my office, got a little lost at the end (it's not all descending numbers and avenues down there) and arrived a little breathless. He was behind the counter selling. When he isn't drawing or inking he's selling and he finished a sale and was busy with a couple who weren't sure about something. That's when I've heard it in his voice, as I've heard it in my brothers' voices.
He has the tone and tenor of a salesperson.
My dad was a salesman. An amazing salesman.
My dad, my brothers, and now it would seem, Oldest, can sell anything.
A little bit of knowledge, a comforting yet intelligent demeanor, a joke, sincere politeness, they each have it.
He told me when he was first hired that the store carries body lotions and candles and all the things I like - and he pointed out that the owner always has the best quality items he can buy for the store, but somehow I didn't believe it.
But Oldest was right! Shea butter hand cream, these gorgeous candles, this amazing soap! All at a discount for Oldest's mother! Of course, if you'd rather smoke a hookah or something else, Oldest can assist you with "the best quality glass in town." What you put in them is your business.
As for the tattoos, he still sends me pictures of his work every day. I have a little gallery of people's body parts on my phone, which is comical.
K and I try hard to be realistic about Oldest (about each of them) and we think this is a perfect fit for him, but there's a steep learning curve being in a small shop with three other people for long hours every day, six days a week, and he loves it but we know it's hard!
For now, we are all thrilled.


I'm also thrilled for Oldest.

My CCK is going through a rough time with trying to make a living at doing what he loves and I'm afraid he's ready to give up.
Kathy said…
I like Pre de Provence hand cream better than L'Occitane. Yep. And it's cheaper!

And I am super happy that Oldest is finding his way.
Crazy Mom! said…
Hurrah for Oldest's success! Take it and enjoy it.
Anonymous said…
hard work, but if he loves it, it doesn't feel quite to hard.
Those are the BEST products--the lotion alone is divinity in a tube.
What a gift, to be a natural salesperson. Not my gift, but I always stand in awe of those who have it--Mr. D and Mr. T are 2 of those people.
I bet it's a wonderful thing to see your son in a great place using his talents.
KPB said…
Love love love.
Hilary said…
Yeah! I am very happy for Oldest... It is so hard to find something you love, and although the work is hard, hard work is always easier when you are happy with working...
Paola said…
I'm with Hilary.
And I love those votives.

I miss Tuvalu ...
L.P. said…
Yay for oldest! I think the best a parent can wish for a child is for them to find something they love to do and are naturally good at. I have a brother-in-law who is also a terrific salesman and one of the nicest guys I know. He found his niche and was very successful.
Anonymous said…
Hooray for Oldest. It's nice to hear about him. I can picture him selling posh french-y candles and lotions as easily as I can picture him working on someone's ink. He's cool. If I were his age, I'd probably have a bit of a crush on him. Him and his fire fightin' friends. : )

kmkat said…
I am so happy that Oldest has found his passion. Reading of him here over the years, it seemed he was a bit lost? wandering? uncertain? Good on him. I wish him all the best. And good on you for your mother's discount :-)
RW said…
This was a lovely little update. Yeah for family discounts!
Scot said…
Its always nice to hear about Oldest's progress. Tell him I'm happy for him. The journey is usually better than the getting there. So, has he inked any family members yet? We want pictures!
Its also nice, although not suprising, to hear that you and K have taught your boys to be polite. It seems like not enough parents are doing that these days. Please and Thank You are wonderful words.
I stayed at the Downtown Westin in Calgary for a week. They had Bergamot soap. It was the most wonderful smell I've ever showered with. Try the Bergamot soap he's selling and let me know how it smells.
Ginnie said…
Hurray for Oldest!