the truth

You know, over the years, what I write here is always the truth.
Ugly or sexy, hard or easy, vague or eerily clear, it's always the truth.
I could only ever be accused of lying by omission.
Most of the time me and mine read as adorable, lovable, bright and witty. But, sometimes, the truth isn't that attractive. Sometimes we sound, well, less lovable.
I know that I might have readers who disapprove of some of our conversations or occupations but I write about them anyway. Those are the times I write for me and not for you. Those are the times I write to keep a record of the time.
We are flawed and human and we each do our best every day, and I love writing it.
That you read it and comment is a bonus I never expected.

How's that for vague?


raych said…
I fucking love everything about you and yours.
L.P. said…
BBird, of course you write the truth. And if someone is disapproving of you and yours, eff 'em.
Anonymous said…
I hope you haven't had your feelings hurt by some disapproving shit? I hate when that happens. It riles the flock.
Jen said…
I'm going to make a guess this involves tattoos? Stuff 'em. Your son has found a creative profession and good on him.
Paola said…
Look, people will have something to say about everyone and everything.
If they have a problem, screw them (I understand this might not be the best and most polite words but that's what I believe).
You have what I think to be the dream family which is not the perfect bubbly smiley soapy one. NO.
It yours. With you COOL, funny, clever, hip and amazing YOU ALL.

Sleepless night with lots of Arnica and ice and whining was had ovah heah.
Duyvken said…
Award winning vagueness.
People can be very unkind to those in the publishing industry. Particularly those who work on producing picture books for small children.
Love to you and yours,
Anonymous said…
some live honest lives

some pretend

some make mistakes

others deny

i think i will keep hanging-out/lurking here if that is okay with you

Shadygrey said…
Your family is awesome. And so are you.
Anonymous said…
Much love from me too...appreciate your "keeping it real" factor!

p.s. Have missed the last couple days of your writing so I just did a catch up with your entries. I'm Canadian...and am a buy the milk by the bag(s) there is 3 small bags in the large bag.
Anonymous said…
I have 2 very favorite things about the truth of your life:
1) the amazing details you showcase, they make me appreciate the value of curiousity--like folks in a coffee shop, a very long piece of string that leads where?, funky website links (still addicted to Houzz)
2) you have old sons (3, like me!) and it's obvious how you passionately madly love them still and how they adore you right back and because of your stories I have hope I can be that tight with my tribe during other stages of life.
KPB said…
You totally rock my world. The end.
Anonymous said…
I love what you do, I love how you do it, and I love why you do it. And that, my friend, is also the truth.

Amy A. said…
You are one of the bloggers that I've kept reading all these years because you get it just right. We know you aren't perfect, we know you love your family, and you tell us some really good stories and are a dern great writer. xo
Unknown said…
I like what Anonymous Linda says, above...

You do live and write honestly, and it takes immense courage (and love!) to do both, not to mention to posting it on the internets for complete strangers to read.

Anyone who disapproves of, or cannot handle, the truth of your flawed, human, lovely existence needs to just move along. There is never any reason or excuse to be unkind.

I know how unpleasant it can be to be on the receiving end of someone else's judgmental disapproval, and hope no one has been rude enough to impose their unsolicited opinion on you.

The good thing is you are so loved by so many. For so many obvious, undeniable reasons...

I continue to admire the hell out of you.
kmkat said…
Oh good grief, of course you write the truth. Some people can't handle the truth. Those of us who you :-)
You mean you sound like human beings in a grown up family?

Heavens to mergatroide!

Love the Bbirds!
alice c said…
You write because you want to and we read because we recognise and value the honesty. It is a rare and wonderful thing.
robiewankenobie said…
the vaguest of the vague. i still feel that i should be outraged on your behalf somehow. so, i say "screw 'em" and you can apply that however you like.

i come here for all sorts of reasons, but one of which is that you obviously love those kids of yours. there are so many places where people complain and complain and complain about being a might not love all of it (who does?), but you obviously know how to celebrate the great parts.

here's an extra "screw-'em" to use at your leisure.
readersguide said…
I agree with Alice. Also, you are interesting -- keep doing what you're doing.
Pamela said…
Screw anyone who doesn't adore you and the (I presume) boys. You give me hope for families and men!