remember when I used to write from my HEART?

Look, I still do. But now I include lots of links!

So, I just broke this news to Middle, a devout lover of Premium Saltines.
His response?

bb: they've made saltines round!

Middle: what

what the fuck

bb: exactly

Middle: how?

bb: click the link

Middle: i'm going to write a letter
every day
for a year
and saltine's mother will hide them from saltines 
until i have to drive out there
it's going to be hard
we (I) can do it

bb: Dad says all his recipes will be wrong

that's how sappy and gay my love of saltines is, 

bb: wait. you've SEEN the Notebook?

Middle: hahahahaha
i think every guy has been dragged through the notebook

I sent him this too.

K and I just finished watching To Kill A Mockingbird.

One of my most favorite scenes in any movie ever.
I can get choked up just reading the IMDB page.

Easter tomorrow.
We'll have a ham, thank you, and black jelly beans, of course.



Paola said…
Happy Ham ... ahem ... sorry ...
Happy Easter!!!
Lover Lady said…
That saltine rant on HP is the funniest thing I've read in a while. Why do companies feel it necessary to mess with classic products that are selling well??? I have two words for you Nabisco..."New Coke." Happy Easter!
RW said…
some good stuff here bb.
oh man the saltines - seriously.

Happy Easter. Enjoy your ham.
Crazy Mom! said…
Happy Easter!

To Kill A Mockingbird - the movie is almost as good as the book, a very rare occurrence. Gregory Peck is wonderful.
WHAAT? I share the Saltine Outrage.

Now when I have a perfectly square chunk of cheese and I cut it into slices it won't be sitting on a perfectly square Saltine.

Way to mess with my OCD, Nabisco.
KPB said…
Sometimes I am overwhelmed by my feelings towards Middle.
Pamela said…
I havent been back here in way too long. OK: A: I love MIddle very much, and that he can say Fuck to you and be politically incorrect. 2) I recognized the Notebook reference right off and I love him more for it.
3) I watched TKAM too! Chiffarobe is my favorite word.
4) WTF saltines? Jealous of Ritz?
Anonymous said…
My son is named Atticus.

Black jelly beans. Of course is right!

Anonymous said…
It's good for a young man to have a cause.
Anonymous said…
I have never seen The Notebook.
The Coffee Lady said…
What's a saltine?

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