the internet is a wide and varied place

Where do I find these things? Who knows.  It is true that I am surrounded by, at least, three boys most of the time.

I watched a fascinating and moving documentary at work today about this artist.

But I also traded quips from this tumblr with my brother. (Just so I don't come off as an intellectual.)

Saltines, for those of you in the dark. Now, apparently, round.

I might put lavender oil on our toilet paper rolls.

Remind me to make some art in the lav the next time I take a trip.

Middle should have this.

I'll have one of these.

Last fall, while our co-workers were in Germany, we had OctoberFest at my office. This spring they are in London on 4/20. Last year I was in Amsterdam on 4/20!

C'est merveilleux.

My city has been overrun, this week, by tourists. They are on the march when I get off the train at eight, with their maps and backpacks and walking shoes and maps. And maps. Lots of maps.
From time to time they ask for assistance. Sometimes they look so bewildered (on the subway) that I offer it without asking. It makes me see the city differently and reminds me to be nice when I really want to give them a shove (they amble, we speed-walk). In the meantime, I await the visit of Australian blog friends and hope I can help them see things they'd like to see and help them to feel welcome and comfortable (footwear is key - avoid sandals).

Finally, I had the very best sandwich today. Avocado, olive oil, lemon, salt and pepper and some red pepper flakes. To die for.

What a week!


Crazy Mom! said…
I've been snorting over the dog texts for several days - plus I LURV the Hillary ones.
Scot said…
I've been reading Text From Dog for a bit now. Love it! The hurricane documentary still cracks me up.
I like the little Fiat. I owned a Fiat 128 Sport L in the 70s and it was one of my favorite cars. Wish I still had it.
4/20 was also hitler's birthday and the day klebold and harris shot all those kids at Columbine High School.
Its nice to be nice to tourists, hard sometimes, but a nice thing to do. Here in Colorado its kind of fun to watch them gasping for air. You can always spot the tourists up here. They start turning blue.
OK, here's the wierdest part of my day, speaking of tourists.
A couple from Oklahoma was in the shop today. They were asking for lunch recommendations and I tild them about a little hole in the wall right around the corner. El Taco Rey makes something called a avocado pork burrito. Its the best thing to grace a tortilla EVER! I strongly suggested they try one and the lady said she doesn't like avocados..."too exotic(!?!?!)"
I know that I'm probably wrong to say this but remind me to NEVER go to Oklahoma.
Have a good weekend, we're expecting snow...
Paola said…
I should have noted all the things I learned from your blog ... from you ... from your boys ...
Thank you
Hilary said…
love the line - be nice when all I want to do is give them a shove... so very true....
KPB said…
Who's visiting? Jealous. A lot.
robiewankenobie said…
You need this:
Anonymous said…
That's such an adorable car.
And that list of 10 simple things made me feel virtuous because I do 8 of them (not the toilet roll either).
Unknown said…
BTW, I don't know if you've ever watched the PBS series Art 21, but season 6 just started and the first episode included a profile on Ai Wei-Wei, as well as two other artists I think you might like. You can watch it here:

Suse said…
No sandals? Oh.
shadygrey said…
Thank you- text from dog is hilarious. I actually did laugh out loud. A lot. In the office. Yep.