He's fine!

Last week, Youngest was not only accepted to Art School but he also got special permission to donate blood (he is on a variety of strong medications). His class was doing a blood drive and he really wanted to participate. The administrators made a big deal for the kids who donated and we're proud of him for wanting to do so.
Today, Youngest: played trumpet, had a special review session, ran the mile AND had a significant asthma attack during which he nearly collapsed. After a few calls we were able to track K down and he rushed over to the school and brought Youngest to the emergency room while I ran to the subway, hopped on a train (not the usual train, the one that stops AT the hospital) and made it there in an hour. We forgot that though his asthma is being beautifully controlled by his present regime it can flare up when he exercises in changeable weather and that he needs to monitor his fluids and take some medicine before running a mile.

In other news, I am creating an Amazon wish list! Nothing extravagant (yet) but I saw this video

and decided I'd like to have the Andy Selsberg book.
I'd like a copy of this book too, and I'm pretty sure I and my bathing suit or me and my bikini line are mentioned in this book, which I invite you to order. You do want to read about my bikini line, don't you?
What else do I have to tell you about? Well, I have half a post written about these photos


from the Restoration Hardware Baby catalogue.


That is baby Earnest Hemingway's nursery, I'm pretty sure. I mean, seriously. Are those the most ridiculous fucking rooms in the world? (F word! F word!) Who LIVES LIKE THAT?


I like to call this one Balls To The Wall.

And, sweet baby Jesus, who buys a chesterfield in child size? It costs more than my actual adult- size sofa.


That would be 5 year-old Earnest Hemingway pictured, with his cousin, Thomas Edison.

Have I mentioned that we are close friends with this guy? Yep. In on the ground floor we were. He and K have worked together since Oldest was just a babe. And my boys are feasting on wings this very minute. And those wings are saturated in a variety of booYah sauces. I can hear them exclaiming from here! The Hammer is amazing! I need some water! Ooooh, that Bali! (I already ate.) What can I say? If you want to try some amazing sauces I'd suggest that you order now because I do believe that Sean is on the threshold of the kind of success wherein your product is featured exlusively at a famous restaurant. So get them while they're hot. As it were. We've got a case. I've had Death, Oldest is telling his brothers, and the first few wings you're fine and then it hits. You'll wish you were dead.

K was just emailing with Sean. He mentioned that a project they are doing will be done tomorrow as he took Youngest to the ER. Oh my goodness. That sucks but at least he's okay. Sheesh!  Yeah, the capsacian opens up capilaries - probably is good, Sean wrote. That's the other wonderful thing about him. Whatever he's on, we want. He is the most optimistic, elated, enthusiastic person we know.
And Youngest? He's fine.


Asthma is so scary. I'm glad your son is OK.

Restoration Hardware is over the top. I remember when it was just a slightly classier version of Pottery Barn. Now their catalog comes out once a year--because they're so special--and it's as thick as a mini telephone book.
Adventure Otaku said…
capsacian is what's in bear spray.... Just sayin.

Paola said…
Asthma sucks indeed. Fabio's twin sister suffers among other in his family so I know ... but Youngest is SO brave, she would never even move a foot as opposed to Youngest who's trying to really BEAT IT (is what I understand from your "asthma posts").

Whatever is ain a bear spray must be um, strong.

Hey brother B! Any plans for this upcoming summer?
alice c said…
1. Huge congratulations to Youngest for getting into Art School. Although isn't he too young - 13 is quite early, right?

2. Asthma. Bad and then good. Stick with the good because we all WORRY.

3. If I had decorated MasterM's nursery like that he would have worked out his Ernest Hemingway phase much earlier in his life and I would have been a happier mother.
RW said…
so funny those rooms.
sounds like you are taking all of this in stride. I could learn something here.
Anonymous said…
Those attacks are terrifying, glad he's okay.
Those rooms are ridiculous.
Now I need that book and barbeque. I believe they'd be just the thing to console me right now...
Ditto on the Asthma suckage.

That white bedroom? I want to be a fly on the wall the first time the little one has a) exploding diarrhea or b) projectile vomiting.
Anonymous said…
Hemingway and Edison--lol. But RH should really take a moment to consider the implications of what they have done. Their ridiculous children's decor has driven you to publishing the F word....and you NEVER use the F word (here anyway; I imagine that you use it sparingly, yet effectively when you speak). Not cool, RH! Not cool.

The hot sauce speak is very funny and I'm glad Youngest is fine.

readersguide said…
1. Congrats to Youngest, and glad he's fine.
2. Not sure MasterM could have been cured of his Ernest Hemingway phase.
3. Given the size of RH furniture, the child-sized sofa is probably exactly the right size for my living room. If not a little too big.
KPB said…
Dear LORD I love you. You know there are some nurseries on my things that shit me page on Pinterest.

the other day we drove past a poncy francofile baby shop in one of Sydney's most well to do suburbs. Apart from the over-sized BASKETS they wanted you to sleep your baby in there was, as Chef pointed out, a miniature wing-back chair.

FFS people, there are children STARVING all over the world.

Balls to the wall.