bon mots from Middle

 I had some time with Middle last weekend.

Whilst watching a commercial showing disgusting illustrations of tooth plaque:
I want toilet paper commercials to be as graphic as dental product commercials.

After the Febreeze ad in which people are left in a filthy room that smells nice:
They should have had them dropped into a sewage treatment plant wearing suits made from dead fish...I can hear her now: Is that lavender?

Then he taught me: milk comes in bags in Canada; one family in the US owns the entire sugar industry hence, sugar is 30% more expensive here than anywhere else in the world; robotic paint arms can't create overspray because the objects being painted have a positive charge and the paint has a negative charge rendering it impossible for extra paint to stick to the object.

It wasn't all serious,  he also taught me: beer before liquor never sicker, liquor before beer, in the clear (I was contemplating a beer or whiskey) or as I like to say, he continued,  beer before liquor never been sicker, liquor before beer, rhymes are for queers.

We had a short conversation about how no one is going to care that there is a new Pepsi...You know what I say when I'm in a place and I order a coke and they ask if Pepsi's okay? I say is monopoly money okay?

He's a great fan of Adam Savage and quoted him: the plural of anecdote is not evidence.
(not easy to watch)

Then he showed me some things.

A Boeing plant hidden under a massive netting with a fake town over it.

A crumbling Victorian mansion made of Lego.

21 hilarious photos of frightened people.

A tricky shot, which I called bullshit on and then he proved was real!

Okay, Leo would have fit on the door but it would have sunk.


Anonymous said…
Then I'm sure Middle knows "Whiskey makes you frisky, rum makes you dumb."
That mansion is amazing.
And the photos remind me of the pictures they take of people on roller coaster rides.
Paola said…
Always amazing stuff from your boys.

Meanwhile in Positano ...

Just came back from the doctor, Brizio had 3 stictches under his chin, was riding his scooter downhill when a wheel got stuck in a grate and he flew up and landed on the asphalt. Now asleep, bruised and stitched.

The joy.
kmkat said…
I shall use MIddle's response to the Pepsi substitution. I can tell the difference between the two simply by the smell.
Anonymous said…
I KNEW Middle was a Coke person, not a Pepsi person. Sometimes you just know about people.

Awesome links.

My daughter and I have a slogan for New Pepsi.
"For people who just can't commit to Diet Cola"

Is the Boeing photo from when they covered the plant during WWII?

Cool Hugo Boss clip.

Middle needs a cool stuff blog
Unknown said…
I have one of those crumbling Victorian mansions. Only I live in it,
Anonymous said…
Those terrified people pictures gave me a great laugh!

Most Canadians I know don't buy their milk in a bag. For the record, I've tried it, and it just isn't right.


ps-Hope Brizio feels better quick!
KPB said…
My hatred of Mythbusters is only diminished by this clip and the others I then watched - he is a funny dude. The hymen breaker in the beret though? Total douche.

I'm sorry, that Hugo Boss thing is so hot I watched it twice.

I have never ever watched Titanic. This flies in the face of the space-time continuum but I also have never seen The Notebook. I know. I am a marvel to be studied at length.

Poor Brizio - still, at least he didn't knock any teeth out!

Milk in a bag. You idiots.

Did you know only ONE PERCENT of all chicken and pork products consumed in the US are produced in natural environs - ie the outdoors and natural light.

Chef listens to a podcast by these two guys in the states - the restaurant guys? It is singularly the most depressing head-desk inducing compulsory listening I can suggest.

So when (or where) is Middle's blog?