blackbird's two minute movie reviews

You know Aasif Mandvi from The Daily Show, don't you?
He's adorable and funny and a pretty decent writer too.
K and I watched Today's Special yesterday, and although it's just a wee bit predictable, it proved to be warm and funny and delicious-looking.
Aasif plays Samir, a sous chef whose plans change when his father falls ill, and he does a lovely job of it without being too sentimental.
But it's the supporting players who make the story...the fellow from Royal Tenenbaums, Naseeruddin Shah who is magical and mystical and Madhur Jaffrey who plays Samir's mother but who also happens to be a well-respected cookbook author.
It's a sweet little movie with no surprises.
We think you should see it.


Duyvken said…
Madhur Jaffrey? We LOVE one her cookbooks but I had no idea that she was an actress as well. What a wonderful little surprise.
Anonymous said…
Duly noted. It looks awfully sweet.
The Coffee Lady said…
Really? Aasif Mandvi is from Bradford?