Where have I been?
Taking photos of my bathroom cabinet for you people.

On the outside it looks like a marine chart for Wellfleet.


On the inside there are some photos to calm my addled brain.


On the shelves are remedies for ANY AILMENT YOU CAN POSSIBLY IMAGINE.

We keep the daily/pretty stuff on the other side of the room.


Fascinating, I know.

Also: a photo of something I ate!


That would be: homemade bacon, hard cooked egg, old toast.

How have you been?


Anonymous said…
I have the same sinus squirter Neil-Med thing. Didn't reading the packaging and the directions kill you? Gah, so wordy! But it sure does work. Used it this morning, in fact.

I want that food. YUM.

KPB said…
Your hard boiled egg looks like what we'd call a soft boiled egg. Your old toast just seems like you're calling it names. We call those English muffins. A cabinet that looks like a poster? Genius.
Anonymous said…
I never considered eating a boiled egg that way. Yum.
I do adore a well-placed map. And orderly medicine cabinets.
Homemade bacon??!!*sigh*

I've been lounging by the pool, trying to tame a VERY energetic little kitten, addicted to Pinterest.

Been wondering how your boys are doing.
Paola said…
I'll skip the postcards comment, II know you'll back soon! You MUST.
That breakfast (I presume that'd be it) looks just divine, may be because we don't have English muffins ... and I do miss them (what else is new...)