we've seen Unstoppable a few times in the last month

The scene: bb is on the train, K is in his home office. bb is texting.*

bb: There's a lady track manager today. The 7:36 wasn't in yet but there was a train over there. 
The 19 hadn't left yet.  I asked her about the 36.
It's two minutes late, she said.
Don't worry about it, I told her. Doesn't bother me.
Yeah, she said, but it's four cars short. You'll care about that, she said, all foreboding. 
I felt like I was in UNSTOPPABLE.

K: So did u take the 19 or the crowded 36?

bb: 36.
But you miss my point. I was like Denzel.

K: I got it. What's your mile marker?

bb: Don't know but we've got a major coffee spill in the sixth car.
I don't know if Bayside is safe. 

K: It gets better and better. Are the air brakes connected?

bb: Not sure. And, believe it or not, I am listening to Leo Kottke's Train and the Gate.**

K: The de-railer isn't gonna work

bb: Fine.  I'll just walk up front and stop the damn thing.

K: You have to do it on the roof.

bb: Fuck that. It's cold out there.

K: Xo

*no italics or punctuation was included in the original text messages

** my favorite part starts at 1:52


Anonymous said…
I'll bet you guys met cute too.

Good stuff. I love your connection to one another.

L.P. said…
Leo Kottke!! I have loved him since about 1977. Saw him in concert at a community college in suburban Chicago around that time, too. "6 & 12 String Guitar" was one of my favorite albums of all time-- now I need to go find it in my garage. Thanks, BB!
Paola said…
Commuting is the same all over the world, I guess.
Minus your wit and fun.
Anonymous said…
Trains just lend themselves to awesome drama potential.