It's pie day at my office. Pi day. Lots of people, including me, made pie and we all got together at noon and ate them. A rough start for me as I'm not a sweets person. A friend reminded me a couple of hours later to have some vegetables to straighten myself out and she was right!
Yes, pie day today, cereal breakfast one day last week, it can be pretty festive around my office.
I'm looking forward to April 20th. (smirk)

But let's talk about shoes, shall we? My inexpensive, nearly indispensable wedge ankle boots have fallen to pieces and must be replaced, preferably with something black and springy.
And platformed or wedged.
I love being tall. Weigh in, will you?
Today I went sockless. Sad but true.


And that was because it was 60 when I got up and the birds were singing outside my window.


A new obsession:


Old obsession...

But look! I won! Against the toughest player in the office! AND I HAD TWO BINGOS!!

No words.

File it under Things I Continue To Research:




Lover Lady said…
it was 80 DEGREES in GA today. ridiculous. we are all going to be roasting meat on our sidewalks in a few years.
raych said…
PIE FOR BREAKFAST YOU ARE SO HARD-DONE-BY. *sets up camp in your office, brings pies, waits for next year*

HAAAAAAAaa my captcha is 'sockno,' which I feel is VERY APPROPRIATE for this post. Especially since your sock dilemma always makes me laugh. Of course one doesn't wear socks with flats, dear blackbird.
Hilary said…
I am loving that it is so warm... Shoes my favorite subject (and lucky for me a DSW opened up right by my house)... Just got a short pair that looks like the Rick Owens and I love them. Best part, something about the style makes your feet look so little and cute. My feet never look little...
Anonymous said…
You should have had the pies at 3:14 PM on 3/14.

The hair's not bad. Wait is that someone in your office? You can;'t have the same cut.

Scot said…
Great, now I want pie!
Not sure what you're researching but maybe this will help:

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On
kmkat said…
High somewhere near 70 sometime this week in Minneapolis, too. I'm pretty sure it is the End Of Civilization As We Know It.

I need to know the name of that Puzzle 73 game. Is that the name? Anyway, it looks intriguing...
Paola said…
Even here sun is shining and birds are chirping while eating all the crumbs I feed them daily,and they do that even if I'm there. I love that.
I too shall look for that puzzle game ...
Anonymous said…
What bliss! I like your shoes. And all the other little happy things in your world. No games for me right now, but bare feet and new haircut, too!
KPB said…
Pie Day? WOW.

That wooden puzzle app looks like Rush Hour but far nicer in an aesthetic kind of way.