The fellow who saved the day and retrieved the boxes?

Screen Shot 2012-03-23 at 2.40.29 PM

Here he is, relaxing on a hillside somewhere in Italy. Truth be told, he's one of my favorite co-workers.

I got this note last week from K:


We have pie in my office...just sayin.


 Cute bags. Cute shots of the bags.


They were at Fab.com which is a nifty place to pick up gifts, fyi.

Brother B sends this:

Also cute!

Have I told you this?

These are the best chips in the world.


alice c said…
Do not put photos of Kettle Chips on your blog during the week. I am only allowed to think about them on Friday and Saturday.
The Coffee Lady said…
Bloody Mary Friday? What kind of place is this?
Anonymous said…
The best chips in the world want me to yell out, "Congratulations! Great job!" ala Buddy the Elf...
That's a nice view your colleague is enjoying. Makes me think of D's cell phone screen saver--he took one of his feet poolside a couple summers ago--his happy place.
jo said…
Love the Nicki link from B. Have been pouring through all the van sessions. Fabulous.