Sunday, in bullets

  • Unknowingly (due to daylight savings time) slept late. Coffee and newspaper in bed.
  • They don't make one of Youngest's generic medications anymore. The name-brand makes him sick. Trying something recommended by the new pharmacist. I miss the old pharmacist. 
  • Not that the new pharmacist doesn't seem lovely.
  • Picked up a birthday gift for my mom. There will be celebrating.
  • My mom, who was, accidentally, knocked down in a parking lot, is better for the Arnica we had Oldest bring her.
  • Oldest and Middle put aside their differences to attend a concert, which may have been difficult for them but which made me exceedingly happy.
  • K made chocolate chip cookies. Amazing chocolate chip cookies.
  • Returned the pressed powder I purchased in Chicago. I shall explain:
One afternoon in Chicago, the ladies and I decided to do some shopping. All Saints was having a wonderful sale and I picked up a couple of sweaters. Wendy, if I recall, did well at Anthropologie, and then we moved on to Water Tower Place. We were hungry by then so we stopped and had lunch and some of these. The Accomplice is my new favorite cocktail. Anyway...a few cocktails later we made our way to Sephora. I needed a foundation and a tremendously helpful associate helped me and applied a foundation I love as well as a pressed powder. He was great with Angie and Wendy too, but, after I got home I realized that I had had a few cocktails before Sephora - and the skin-tone he matched with the powder was DRUNK FACE. Back in Tuvalu, in my lighting and sober, it was no longer a good match. Happily, Sephora accepts returns. No questions asked. But, story told.
For humorous effect.

My boss is away this week. I'm looking forward to some time to catch my breath.


Lover Lady said…
Drunk face. hehe Never go shopping on etsy after having a few either. I have a couple of late night purchases to show for that mistake too.
Drunk face! That's hilarious.
Crazy Mom! said…
Call around at other pharmacies, including compounding ones. It's worth a shot. You may also get a better price.

Drunk face - heh.
L.P. said…
Drunk Face! Love that. I get that too, along with "Self-Conscious Face" when I'm under scrutiny.
Paola said…
So you have DST already?
UGH, I hate it.
Anonymous said…
I've heard of Sephora's awesomeness and we have one here. Duly noted that I should go there sober.
Good luck with the pharmaceutical issues. We lost our old pharmacy to a Walgreens and you never know who you're going to get behind the counter, which I hate.
alice c said…
You should keep it - and then you will be prepared for all the cocktail parties in your life.
BCIslandMom said…
mmmm... is there a recipe for the cookies?
kmkat said…
It makes a mother's heart sing when two offspring manage to enjoy each other's company. I'm still waiting...