say cheese

What a treat!
I was treated to a cheese class last night at one of the city's best cheeseries/cheesette/cheese places.
It was an evening of Spanish cheese and six wines! Six!

cheese course

My goodness it was wonderful.
My host was my next-door neighbor-work-friend and we laughed and drank and tasted and learned just about all you'd want to learn about Spanish cheese. I found myself absorbing slightly less knowledge as the evening wore on.
We started at 12:00 (on the cheese plate) and worked our way around with each cheese and each wine becoming progressively more flavorful.
It was pure delight.
(And we were admonished, once, by the female instructor for giggling, I think.)

Then it was time to find my way home.


One stands in the station and waits to see the track number assigned to the 8:48.
Oh, 8:48, what track will you appear on?
Is that guy looking at me funny?


Same tiny shoes. Now with tired feet...


Cheeseries plural for Cheesery? Sounds right to me.

Pie party and Cheese party in the same day? Sounds like a good day!
Anonymous said…
I've never done a cheese tasting, but I think I'd like it.
RW said…
I want to have a cheese party. I just decided. After Pascha.
Paola said…
Two of my favourite things: cheese and wine.
Yum yum yum.
KPB said…
Did you have weird sex dreams? That always happens when you have a lot of cheese at night.