Saturday, fortunately

It's pouring, which I love. Honestly.
I'm going to re-arrange the dismantled kitchen so we can work better at feeding ourselves. As it is now the contents of the pantry are on the counters.
But enough of that!
Here are some distractions:

From Middle to you.

From me to you.
Someone find this fellow and bring him to my house! I want to hug him.

From Dooce to all of us.

I'm browsing haircuts.

I'm browsing dresses (I have at least two "events" to attend).

I want this bag.

Aren't I greedy today?

All right. Off to organize!


Enjoyed the book reviews. At least the Paperbag Princess doesn't call the bum prince a D-bag!
kmkat said…
Thank Middle for me. Blog fodder for a Sunday!
KPB said…
Middle, that is so weird.

I adore that cheer leader, have watched several times and love him more every single time.

Tell us if you get a dress.