In no particular order.


The sweetest little commuter.


 Youngest received his long-awaited Christmas present. He can make a hole appear in my duvet!


The Very Best Chips.


 We had turkey breast and stuffing and gravy and soggy veg last night because I found two cans of cranberry jelly in the cabinet we took off the wall. It was AMAZING.


 That's what happens when you leave your timer on for nearly 73 days!


 It's Spirit Week at school. Guess what Youngest is wearing? Among other outfits.


 I'm browsing haircuts. This one has potential.


 No. Words.


 I want me and K to get anchor tattoos.


1. The little girl is sweet
2. I love turkey dinner when it isn't Thanksgiving. I do it a few times a year.
3. Does Oldest do family discounts?
alice c said…
I am going to start a campaign to get that bony birdy off the internet. Immediately.
Anonymous said…
I confess, I see anchor tattoos and want to send you cans of spinach. And a pipe.
That commuter is so charming.
Cranberries. Mmmm.