random Friday

Standard Time, an art performance, shot in real time for 24 hours, makes me a little antsy. Will they successfully construct the time? 70 workers are building a wooden 4 x 12 m "digital" time display in real time: a work that involves 1611 changes within 24 hour period.


From Middle, who loves most things military. The guy on the right is pretty good, eh?

Beard and Pigtails' kitchen reno was featured on Young House Love. I like Young House Love and I love Beard and Pigtails. I'm liking the kitchen too.

An informative slide show on how to wear leggings.

I've registered for BlogHer...anyone else?
(I've just realized that Youngest will be in Tokyo during BlogHer!)

Vintage ads are everywhere, thanks to Mad Men (which K cannot watch without having anxiety). Today I spotted this too.

Speaking of jackets (I was yesterday): every year at this time, and again in the fall, K looks for his field jacket. He did have a field jacket, about 20 years ago, from JCrew. It was waxed cotton and never fit him properly and wore terribly. He had it for about six years and then I donated it - couldn't look at it anymore. I bought him a shorter navy blue jacket which he promptly left on a doorknob in a recording studio. This year I mean to buy him one of these, but what color?

I find the Houzz website a little overwhelming but I love getting their email roundups and would encourage you to have a look. Anyway, this is a good piece on the couple who started it all.
I need a weekend house. A spare, parsed, empty, serene weekend house.

It's Friday!


Paola said…
It's 83°F here, now.
I like the "saddle" colour and think I can see it on sweet K.
Now you've hooked me to that Houzz ... you know everything, and then some.
Anonymous said…
What a peaceful house--I always feel most calm in a bare space like that house. Ahhhhh....

Imagine dancing like that in combat boots. My calves ache just imagining it.
readersguide said…
I say navy or saddle.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for your recommendation.I want to tell you True Religion Outlet is also a good choice.
The time changing made me anxious. But I couldn't stop watch the Dancing GI's. Sexy military on a Saturday morning.
Beard said…
Nice, thanks for the mention!
I have a soft spot for guys in the military. Ones that dance are ever better.

My field jacket had been halfway around the world. I hadn't worn it in 5 years...too warm here...so off to Goodwill it went.
KPB said…
OH FOR THE LOVE OF BABY CHEESES. MY libido is currently stratospheric. That I got through that whole video of MEN IN UNIFORM without having to retire to the mastabatorium is miraculous. FARK ME.

Right. Onto reading the rest of the post and indeed, catching up on the last few days.
KPB said…
You know, as part of my Festival of Turning Forty I'm having a girl's weekend away. In a serene weekend house.

14-16 December.

Just saying.

No pressure.