my new leaf

Oh, yes, spring is upon us.
Though it may feel like summer (75 today) and though we do not seem to have had a winter, it is spring.
(We are not capitalizing "spring" today because we are angry with it.)
And what is my new leaf, you wonder? My new plan?
It is simple...and expensive.
I am going to stay away from Old Navy and H&M and spend more money on better quality items for the coming warmer months.
There is nothing wrong with Old Navy or H&M, I like them both. I like their clothing, the prices are wonderful and they are both convenient to my office. But, it turns out, for me anyway, that one gets what one pays for. Trendy and adorable and often, for a couple of reasons, not especially wearable the following year. When I was at home every day my clothes from H&M and ON were fun and affordable. Going to work I find that I wear them out until they are threadbare and pilled, misshapen from washing, and faded. (I wear a lot of black. Black fades.)
The first part of my plan began last fall. I bought two dresses at Muji and wore them with different accessories into the winter. Then I got some things at AllSaints and mixed them in and wore them all winter. Very pleased. I have fewer outfits but I don't mind as I really love what I've bought.
Today I did some spring shopping...

At JCrew, can you believe it?


 Nothing exorbitant, but not cheap either. A waxed jacket. You won't believe this but I've never had a jacket.


This stripey dress. Versatile. Adorable. Heavy fabric. Cute detail. Finally, and don't be shocked, I never wear them as pants:


really good leggings. Do you know how many pairs of crappy leggings I have? Leggings that fall down all day? Leggings that don't fit me? Leggings with holes in them?!
I bought an amazing tote a couple of weeks ago, did I show you that? And those good jeans. Sheesh, sounds like a lot now. But, if I am right these items will be in great shape next year too and I've spent what I usually spend in total but with fewer purchases.

Don't worry, I'll keep you posted.


The Coffee Lady said…
You have never had a jacket?

You wouldn't last five minutes over here.
L.P. said…
Nice choices! I'll bet that jacket also looks fabulous with your new jeans and tote (which is amazing, yes). I recently bought a stripey dress too-- navy and ecru (thin stripes, otherwise I look like an extra from "O Brother, Where Art Thou?").
Paola said…
Tanto spendi, tanto appendi.

(an Italian saying, you get what you pay for, SO true)

How in the world can you not ever had a jacket!
Anonymous said…
So true, about getting what you pay for. I hope you get every cent out of these investments!