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McSweeney's, and especially Lists, delights me every single day.
This particular list is tailor-made for Middle who has a great disdain for hipsters.

Am I on the wrong mailing lists or what?

And that's just how I'd wear the school boy blazer, JCrew! Formal shorts!

I did look twice at this. (JCrew and Madewell are siblings, you know, tho Madewell is Made Well for 23 year-olds.)

They've stopped wearing socks in Paris. I contemplated flats without socks today as it's supposed to be in the 60's, but I couldn't bring myself to do it.
I compromised yesterday: socks and sandals.
(photo from The Sartorialist)

Kitchen 4

Oh, pantry. I miss you.

Though I'm pleased with the progress.

Youngest played in a wonderful concert last night with the Dallas Brass.
This was one of my favorite parts.

Obviously Youngest and his trumpet were not in this particular piece, but, if you click on some of the other videos by this group you can see some of the kinds of things they did with the students in our school. It was a spectacular evening and Youngest was buzzing with excitement afterwards.

I need it to be Friday.


Wendy said…
Man, your boys move fast on repairs. I think that gaping hole would have stared at me for weeks before I had my kitchen back.
Wendy said…
Also, no socks today. Hello spring!
I actually did wear suede flats with no socks today.

The blazer: my hand hovered over it for about an hour yesterday until I reminded myself that I had about skeeteen blazers for spring. Now you've made me want it again.

Your beautiful pantry! It'll be back up in no time with Super K!
Scot said…
I've heard of cow tipping and tipping your bartenders and wait staff. I even remember Tippecanoe (and Tyler too!)but I've never heard of a tipped schoolboy, or tipping a schoolboy, or schoolboy tipping.
Dye that blazer red, add epaulets, and you can open my door anytime!
Paola said…
Oh what a beautiful band. I bet it was a greta night!

For a moment I thought the pantry pic was taken yesterday, which would have meant K is not human ... phew ... I can rest assured he is, after all, although partly superhero for how quickly he fixes things.
Anonymous said…
Those story problems are a hoot.
I wore no socks yesterday--37 degrees be damned.
That's fast progress in your kitchen--and I am admiring the rich colors in that space. So warm.