it was like a Harrison Ford movie*

It's been really quiet over at my office.
My boss has been on vacation (he snowboards) and, stopped at home, and then made his way to Italy (hi Paola!).
He just missed the big snow storm that would have stranded him in Colorado (hi Scot!) and was on his way to the airport when we both realized he was not going to make it in time. I'm not going to explain exactly how we both knew he was going to miss his flight - I'm just going to say that we were both aware that the flight time I booked for him was unrealistic and we were probably too busy to realize it a couple of weeks ago when I made the arrangements. It turned out that I had seven minutes to decide what to do about the expensive plane ticket and what to do to get him to Italy (sadly, not Positano). With the assistance of a great travel agent (one cannot possibly juggle three sets of possible plane tickets alone) I managed to salvage the first ticket, book a ticket for later in the evening and send him off and secure seats for a trip to London in three weeks.
Then I went home and had a whiskey.

As for the boys:
Youngest awaits news from The College Of His Choice.
Middle's work life has slowed down.
K is hoping for a gig soon.
Oldest has the triumph of the day. Newly ensconced as a full-time tattoo artist in town (previously he had been apprenticing) he had his first client.
An Italian man (actually visiting from Italy) had three stars tattooed just above his...well, yes.
Oldest reported mild discomfort whilst creating artwork in an area he had not, uh, worked in before but sent a photo and the work was well done! And he reported that the client had a hard time sitting still!
A job well done, eh?

Presently, I am watching Your Highness and I can safely say it is one of the worst movies I have ever seen.
I am taking Thursday and Friday off and spending some time with my sweet K.
Thursday may be warm enough for a trip to the beach.

*I was watching Air Force One when I started this post and the anxiety level of the movie matched my anxiety level during the decision making process at 5:00 this evening.


I couldn't be an executive assistant. I have enough anxiety of my own without taking on someone else's!

Enjoy your extra long weekend. I hope you get to the beach.
Paola said…
Well, I can't see a reason to come here now, frankly, so I didn't expect him to (fortunately).

Dear Oldest, I am sorry for cray cray Italians.

I would be great at your job, I 've always worked marvellously under pressure.

Have fun with your boyfriend!
Anonymous said…
I felt a little stressed out just reading about that tangle with the flight tickets. Glad it worked out.
And hooray for Oldest! How exciting to have his own business! And a first client!
I am not one for ink, but I want to know, how many clients must he work on a day/week to be profitable? It intrigues me, this artistic work he does. Do post about it sometime. Please?
Anonymous said…
I'm hoping for Oldest's client's sake that they were three out of three possible stars....because otherwise, well, one might wonder what one might be missing with such a rating.

KPB said…
jbhat has a point. Why not five?

At least he didn't have to tattoo them ON the Italian's sausage.