I married the right guy.

The scene: bb and K are watching The Transporter.
The bad guys have blown up The Transporter's house but he and the beautiful woman he has saved are safe because he brings her through a tunnel in the basement which leads underwater where he has stowed scuba gear.

bb: he has scuba gear in a tunnel under his house?

K: yes.
bb: just like that?

K: he's a Transporter. He works for shady guys. And he was a Navy Seal.

bb: oh, so he knows how to do stuff like this?

K: yeah. He knows how to do lots of stuff.

bb: maybe I should have married a former Navy Seal in case we have to deal with anything like that.

K: hey. I dealt with the ants.

bb: You're right! The Transporter might not be able to deal with ants.


Anonymous said…
The transporter would drown the ants in his secret basement scuba lair.

Ever notice that all the great lairs tend to be in basements?
Anonymous said…
You guys are too cute.

The Coffee Lady said…
I watched that film and thought for a moment that I fancied Jason Statham. Then he changed out of the suit, and I realised I'd just fancied the suit.

We have watched those films far, far too many times. Mr Coffee likes a bit of fighting and a car chase, so he does.
Paola said…
I've seen bb and K IRL and the love between them sparkles through these kind of moments.
It's just amazing to witness.
Kudos to you for having such a beautiful relationship.

And no more ants.
Duyvken said…
I have a soft spot for the transporter movies. I always reverse into parking spots should a fast getaway be required :-)