and so it goes


That's Oldest, presently setting up in a tattoo shop in the city, having just passed that licensing test. Such drama (another test! a new shop! he has been very anxious) but there you are. And that's part of the kitchen behind him, in the dining room. The rest of the kitchen is in the living room.


 Where the leak was discovered.


Where the leak had migrated to, which brought the ants.


Where the ants were living. Many many ants.

Oy. We need a distraction!

Go watch Bill Cunningham. As you know, I think he's brilliant and adorable.
Or Selby. I adore Selby.
Perhaps you'd appreciate something more thoughtful.


We have never hosted ants, but we our Cape house, as you may recall, had black mold squatters in the basement. As with K, Mr. Pom took the invasion personally, donned a hazmat suit and armed himself with Tilex.

What guys we got!!
Congratulations to Oldest for passing his test and setting up shop!

I am sad for your kitchen.
Kuba said…
Please visit:
Hilary said…
Hang in there... I feel your pain... those pictures could have been taken at my house. We are never without a hole in a wall due to a leak, and last summer I cleaned out a variety store's ant killer stock...
Paola said…
Oh dear K took the matter seriously. No need to worry, problem WILL BE SOLVED.
That aging article ...
Finally I am intrigued by Oldest's tattoo venture.
Duyvken said…
Oh dear. I don't envy you the repair work. And congrats to Oldest! I love new ventures.
Anonymous said…
It had to be ants.