a photo a day

 I'm up for it. God knows, I'm boring myself of late. Don't know a thing about hashtagging or instagram but I will endeavor to do a photo a day. So, let's see...I'm four days behind, aren't I?

1. My view today - er, that day, 2/1.


Am I supposed to explain these things? I will.
On a whim, my boss asked if we might get one of these espresso machines - the ones with the pods?
I had a wonderful time ordering the machine and the wee little cups and the sugar bowl and it has all arrived and the goal, I think, is for people to visit and have a cup. Yesterday, several people visited and had a cup...whether people feel comfortable enough to drop in when the CEO is in the next room has yet to be seen. We hope they will.

2. Words.


 Here you are. My boarding pass from last weekend.

3. Hands.


Youngest, who has the most beautiful hands in the house.

4. A stranger.

a stranger

Struck by the boots, I was delighted with the matching bag. People so rarely match shoes and bags these days.

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Now, as a side-note, I'll explain about the apples.
My office neighbor is gluten free, as is one of my best office friends, by chance. It seems to me that this is a trend at the moment, though I do not mean to diminish either person's health issues as both of them has been in poor health and seem better since the diagnosis/life change.
ANYWAY, this diet requires different snacking habits and my neighbor's father sends her great huge bags of paper thin dried apple slices. Not dehydrated, mind you, and just slightly crisp, they have nothing added to them and he simply lays them out to dry on their own.
I could eat enough of them to make myself sick. I am obsessed. I need to correspond with this man!
(He lives several thousand miles away and, aside from the apples, sounds fascinating.)
In fact, I'm craving them now. On Saturday morning. Just after coffee.


RW said…
the instagram challenge. very nice. I am having a difficult time with deadlines these days. all my deadline energy is spent at my day job.
Paola said…
And we got apples.
Which sound addictive.
Love the daily photo, which also seems to be a trend these days, but noone of them have your flair OR Youngest's gorgeous, amazing hands I have always admired (not said in a creepy way).
Anonymous said…
I love apples--and have eaten dozens of Braeburns this winter.
That red coffee maker looks pretty handsome