Pardon My French

This will sound awful of me: I want to not like Garance Doré. Seriously. Neither she nor her beau have sought fit to photograph me, she strikes me as frivolous (not that there's anything wrong with that), she's French (I have never had good experiences with French women). I will refrain from saying more. You know what someone means when they say they want to not like someone - and, I'm ashamed to say, that is how I feel. Felt.
Interestingly enough, she is worming her way into my heart. First her photos, then her self-deprecating (at times) blog, and now this little web series, with her adorable accent.
I'm liking her more and more.


L.P. said…
Hah! I felt exactly the same way about her-- I still don't like her fashion illustrations-- but for the rest, I am charmed.
Scot said…
As to the video, Comme ci, comme ça.
I do wonder though, in this day and age, do you think Anna Wintour wears real fur? That coat she's wearing in the video looks like leopard.

not liking this new word verification test. It plat tricks with my eyes and seems very anti-robot. What would R2D2 do?
Paola said…
What. Do I live under a rock?
Who is this Garance Dorè ... I had to Google her ...
Anonymous said…
Pfft. Zee French.
How is it that people who learn English as a second language always say "like" in correct slang fashion?