I owe you photos for: phone, something new and time.
And, while I do realize that this assignment is meant to be a springboard and not a demand, I'd like to keep up.

My phone -


tucked behind the lamp on my night table, which is under the eave with the chipping plaster, in my room. It's a feast for the eyes, isn't it? Pot of hand cream, body lotion (which is gardenia and too strong for winter), paper sleeve from a candle, favorite Ugly Doll, paper cup from this morning's deli tea, my ring - too large to wear to bed, basket of medicines and more lotions and creams. I long for minimalism...at my imaginary weekend house. Where I will only wear draped gray linen. Sigh.


Time. My favorite time. Sitting with K in our bed, in the morning, with our laptops and our warm drinks. A new ritual that can either be the perfect start to a busy day (though we don't languish like this on weekdays) or the easiest way to roll over and snuggle back down into the blankets. 

Something new? I bought jeans. Grown-up jeans. I don't often wear jeans and, because of this, I have only ever purchased inexpensive jeans, telling myself that it didn't make sense to spend a lot on something I don't usually wear. This led to owning ill-fitting, poorly constructed jeans which I did, in fact, wear once a week or so in the office and never looked very good in.
I went out and got these


after trying on about a dozen fits and sizes. I am petite, curvy and I forget what size.
They are in a heap, on the floor, by the night table, under the eave, in my room.


Anonymous said…
Nice grown-up jeans.
In my minimalist future my bedside table will only hold a lamp and a book. But for now it looks a lot like yours. *sigh* But it's gratifying to know I'm not the only one yearning to live a more spartan lifestyle.
Paola said…
So ... you don't remember my kitchen/dining area at the time of your visit.

Major decluttering which of course involved knocking down a lot of walls, as you may recall.

I love the thought of rolling over and snuggling back under the blankets.
alice c said…
I do heaped clothes too! Especially on Fridays which creates the perfect 'pre-worn' look for dress down Fridays.
Anonymous said…
I like these photos. And I have to say that your admission that you might prefer a minimalist, monochromatic lifestyle makes me like you more and relate to you better than if you did indeed HAVE that lifestyle, if that makes sense.

Good job on the good grown-up jeans.

Duyvken said…
very nice jeans. I also never buy expensive jeans but for the opposite reason to you. I wear mine all the time so figure they are just going to get dirty and why should I spend a lot of money on something that is just functional? Consequently, they never fit very well, aren't comfortable and wear out quickly at whch point I replace them with another ill-fitting pair. I often look at the more expensive ones but always return to the cheaper racks. You've inspired me to at least 'think' about it again. I always tell myself that when I am working and have somewhere to go that requires me to look put together I will spend more money on what I wear. Truth be told, I am looking forward to that aspect of being back in work.
The Coffee Lady said…
I think I would be much more comfy visiting you in your weekday house than the weekend one, which sounds a bit scary, and like something Kim would pin on her 'Things that shit me' board.