notes from the commute...and elsewhere

It's a busy weekend here in Tuvalu.
I spent the day, yesterday, in town with a friend and then ended up here for drinks and then here for a showing with K. Lovely.

On the internet, of note:

Seemingly, dozens of Downton Abbey spoofs, recaps, and gifs. It's all great fun.

Lots of beautiful things from Fashion Week - and this.

I am still enjoying this.

24 minutes of Bon Iver in a crystalized, distilled version.

Just as I purchased my grown-up jeans these intrigue me. K and I need to visit a Levis store as they are all he wears and he needs some.

I didn't realize it...I think I love Stella McCartney.

Re the commute: I still see everything every day, but some days I am a drone, sleepwalking through the morning on the train and then on my walk and, other days, I don't stop to make notes for myself.
The last few days, however, I have seen:

A fireman on his bicycle in full gear...well, actually, his helmet was in the basket on the front of the bike.

A beautiful tall woman in all black with pointy features and pointy eyeglasses and black cloth gloves and a sort of turban hat. Her whole look was punctuated by an orange silk scarf and she was wearing black flat woven shoes with slingbacks and socks and her husband paused and did the ladies first gesture at me upon reaching the staircase in the station. It was all I could do to not stare at her for the entire ride into town, she was so striking.

On the other hand, a couple of nights ago, I saw a family get on the evening train. A mother and two children - a boy about ten and a girl about six. The girl was extraordinary looking with huge blue eyes and long blond hair and some missing teeth. She smiled at me a couple of times but then her mother spoke to her, low and close, and I only saw the back of the mother's head and the little girl's face. Her eyes filled slowly with tears, her face grew pink. She cried silently whilst her mother spoke. The mother moved away and I was heartbroken. I have no idea what transpired and then a phone rang. I shut off my music and listened. The dog, at home, had been lost. Both children cried, the mother was exasperated, but then she hung up the phone and reassured them  that the dog would be found. Both children were quiet and thoughtful.
When it was time to get off the train she gave me a longer, more heartfelt smile. I realized they had a lot of luggage, and a soccer ball and a transparent garment bag with a child-sized white gown in it and the mother had a plaster cast on her arm. I hung back, wondering if they might need a ride. The mom told each of them a secret.
The walked in the opposite direction.


Paola said…
The "notes from commute" posts are always very interesting and always have a touching ending ...
I was in the Eternal City yesterday for work and since I finisheed earlier, we decided on a whim to walk up the St. Peters Cupola, something we always talked about but never did.
Well, it's a must and I'd do it again, over and over as gorgeous as it is. Never mind the 550 steps, the adrenaline took over and I didn't feel a thing.
Did you catch Justin Timberlake as Bon Iver on SNL last week. He was visiting Beyonce and JZ to see the baby. He played them a song, but fell asleep during it.
readersguide said…
Woah -- that is some story. I wonder what was up?
Anonymous said…
The little dramas you must see unfolding around you every day. It makes my pheasants and cardinals seem boring.
Anonymous said…
Oh my god, the story with the crying story and the lost dog makes it so that I can't breathe.

Jenny at My Favorite and My Best writes the funniest (naughtiest) recaps of Downton Abbey. PLUS she does all the Dowager's lines at the end, sometimes in an amazing hat.

I love Stella McCartney too. She and Sofia Coppola are my favorites famous offspring of famous people, hands down, because they are not famous just for being famous. They are both amazingly talented artists and, it seems to me, have integrity.

Anonymous said…
Ugh, sorry for the typos and bad proofreading above.