my thoughts on the Oscar gowns

I did fall asleep right after Meryl won.
Why does she have to wear that silouette to EVERYTHING?!
(I'm going to brag now) I have stood ten feet away from Ms. Streep and she is tiny and of perfectly average, if not narrow, build. I don't know why she insists on wearing that wide neckline and all that fabric around her shoulders.
Get her on the phone, will you?


I wore a long black skirt with a slit to work today (with leggings and boots) and I stood just like this whenever I got a chance! I'm okay with this dress. I'm not so okay with the posturing. Did you see the fellows who won the award she presented mocking her? And, emaciated arms aside, I do find her stunning.

I sort of like Sandra's dress too - but there's something about the fit that seems off. Her botoxed face seemed a bit off too, but now I'm just being mean.

I have mixed feelings about this one. It's pretty, I suppose, but so MUCH. As K pointed out, though, she knows how to wear a dress. I'd like to see more photos of her hair too.

I love her/I hate her/she's brilliant/she's an idiot. My favorite gown of the evening. Hands down. White! Who'd have thought?! Everything about it thrills me.

 Don't know who she is. Like her trash bag.


 K is smitten but we both agree that that business (busy-ness) on her shoulder is too heavy!


 I am smitten but we both agree that the girlfriend of the month looks like she's wearing a dress made of that foil that they wrap people in in movies after disasters at sea. Too specific?


 I do love me some Alexander McQueen. She looks beautiful.


 No clue who she is. Love the dress (but it seems a little casual) AND the hair. Anyone?


 Very pretty. Honest. Not knocking me out, but nice. I know. Everyone is in love.

Same story here, I'm afraid, though close-ups of Ms. Mara were stunning, I like her better when I can't hear her talking.
Aren't I awful?
There you are.


I completely agree with you Oh Fashion Goddess, 'cept loved Penelope. And Meryl - glad to hear this from you because I always got the impression that she was overweight and trying to camo something. Please let her know next time you see her. ;>)
barbra said…
It's Esperanza Spaulding! Google her; she is SO cool.

I loved the Alexander McQueen the most; then I think I liked Cameron Diaz, Penelope, and GOOP.
barbra said…
ack - spelled it wrong. noticed immediately. it is "spalding" (no U)
Esperanza Spalding is in the blue dress. She won the grammy for Best New Artist in 2011 and everyone said "Huh? Who?" because she's jazzy/bluesy.
Unknown said…
In order:
Love the color
Hated It. Loathed.
She annoys me.
Scot said…
I turned the channel to ABC to catch the evening news and instead saw whats-her-name in the long white dress on the red carpet. She was telling some reporter that her long white dress has a removable coat/shawl thing that she was glad she had because it was soooo cold. It was 67 degrees. Bitch!
I agree with K. When I saw Mila J. I actually said WHOA. Out loud! She was a super-model or something, right? I bet her super power was making men's hearts race.
Just once, just one time, I'd like to see an actor, who, when asked "Who you wearing?" turn to the camera and say "I don't know, my mom rented this tux for me!" Just one time...
Duyvken said…
Mr Duyvken is very smitten with Mila too. I love all the red lipstick. And my sister has spoken with Ms Streep through her work. She spent ages figuring out what to wear.
Duyvken said…
PS I have written a fan post about Esperanza, I want her hair and I adore that dress. It's my colour!
The Coffee Lady said…
I don't mind the neckline and the shoulder fuss: I think she's just decided she likes to look like that. That's okay. She looks okay, I think: she'd look less stately and authoritative in something less shouldery, possibly. She is like a structure now, not a person.

Angelina is skeletal. There is nothing to like there at all. Look at her knees! Why is she showing off her skeletal, I-have-had-a-terrible-illness knees? I saw her on Jon Stewart a while back and he was talking about how hot she was - seriously, she looked WEIRD, like a massive big head balanced on a stick.
Anonymous said…
Angelina is more gorgeous when she's not looking trashy--as she was Sunday night. I was thrilled by the white gown on GP, too. And I adored Emma Stone's dress (she wants to be my new BFF in my Oscar Fantasy). Poor Meryl, she needs a new stylist because I can tell she's not as big as her clothes suggest. I hated HATED Glen Close's dress/tuxedo jacket getup.
jordi said…
Alexander McQueen, then Gwyneth as second best. did she sprain her wrist pushing off admirers? The white elastic bandage must have been hard to find... or is it diamonds?
Paola said…
I haven't had the time to watch it yet (TiVo'd it) so I'll let you know.
About what you showed here:
Jolie scares me
GOOP, I hate her but loved her on GLEE
Meryl is MERYL.
Trash bag lady should hav worn a nice bra because I don't like how her breast show there.
Milla was a model. Of course men wil be (at the minimum) smitten.
Maybe later I'll watch it.

WF ilicall awfulat
Anonymous said…
I hate to say it, but I didn't have a standout favorite this year. I keep wishing Cate Blanchett had been there, because I think she always looks amazing.

I wonder if GP knows how polarizing she is.

alice c said…
Gwynnie - not so much love for the Caped Crusader here.

See this link for the moment when Meryl meets Angelina
ocbp said…
Black chick, blue dress?
Memoriam singer - haunting!!
Very moving
Scot said…
Paola said…
So I watched the ENews red carpet (but not the Oscars I am afraid, I forgot to TiVo that silly me) and I have one wor dto say:
I LOVED Viola Davis. LOVED her. Her hair and the colour she was wearing were amazing.
And I can't understand why everyone ooooohs and aaaahs about Stacy Keibler. She's tall, that's it.
I missed all the big names though as they didn't do ENews.
Poppy B. said…
Bleached blondes shouldn't wear that bright geranium red; it washes them out and brings out the yellow in their skin.

GP makes me a little crazy because everyone treats her like she's this raving beauty when she's merely second-generation Hollywood and her mother is actually much prettier. Although I saw her on the cover of this month's Bazaar and for the first time thought she looked attractive.

Angelina is reminding me of her Billy Bob/vial of blood years. That is some seriously white skin. I'm no fan of self-tanner but maybe it's called for in this case.
vicki said…
Meryl: she has a beautiful neck, and while i don't care for her dresses,usually, but "all that fabric" does frame her neck beautifully. We should all be so lucky to have necks that great over 50.

Angelina's emaciation/pasty complexion made me feel ill. had a hard time looking at her.